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Doctor Who Credited Actors
Who gets all the credit in Doctor Who?
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Actor Role Match
Match the Brooklyn Nine-Nine Actors to their Roles.
Von Trapp Family Children
We know that after taking this quiz you will no doubt have many of the catchy songs from the Sound of Music in your head...for that, we apologize.
Movie by Four Character First Names II
At least these characters have memorable names.
MCU Villains By Other Appearances
Name the MCU villain when given a picture of another film or television series that they starred in?*.
Riverdale meets Carrie Roles
Pick the corresponding roles in Carrie the Musical to the characters from Riverdale played during their musical episode 2x18 entitled 'A Night to Remember'? *See 'How to Play'*.
Movie Characters by First Names
“Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.”
First Name Basis: Movies
We've seen these actors on the big screen so many times, we may as well be on a first name basis with them.
Mike Myers Movies
Looking over this list, it's fairly clear Mike Myers likes movies where he gets top billing.
9 Fictional British Characters (TV)
Pick the fictional characters from the United Kingdom.
Bill Murray or Chevy Chase
A grudge that dates back to the early days of SNL.
Movie Musicals: Taking the Lead!
Can you identify the leading or principal singer of each movie musical's song?
Musicals: Going Solo!
Can you identify the character who sings the solo from each Broadway musical?
Oscar Winners in Early TV Roles II
You think even back then they knew they were working with the Sexiest Man Alive?
Star Wars Scenes Featuring Chewbacca
Wwwah. Rrroooaaah. Ggwaaah.
Star Trek: Original Series Characters
'Captain's Log, Stardate: 1314.5. We've discovered a strange orange globe in a non-local system. Approaching with phasers set to stun.'
Amy Adams Needs a Job
Pick the 'occupations' the characters of Amy Adams have had for the given film.
Same Actor, Different Role
These actors just show up all over the place.
Quick Pick: Chris Pratt Roles
Pick the correct movie starring Chris Pratt when given his role in the movie.
5-Star Oscar Nominated Actors
You could say these actors have their act together.
5-Star Oscar Nominated Actors II
Oscars aren't graded on a star scale, but maybe they should be.
Missing Word: Harry Potter Cast II
Name the words missing from these movies featuring the cast from the 'Harry Potter' film series.
Actors' Last Film Roles
Some actors make bad choices when it gets to be the end of their career.
A-Z Title Character Slideshow
Not only did they star in a movie, they made the title!
Movie Cast Match (2014)
How many of these recent movies did you pay outrageous ticket prices to see?
Fictional Chefs
A quiz about chefs? Now we're cooking!
Liam Neeson Needs A Job
What I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career.
Actors' Movies by Role IV
A stockbroker, a sheriff, and a magician all walk into a quiz...
TV Role Mash-Up
If you start mixing up TV shows you'll only get confused.
Actor-Character Mix II
This is the type of answers we come up with when we've played one too many quizzes.
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