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Movie Cast Match (1989)
Do kids today even know what a boombox is?
Movie Cast Match (2001)
Curiously, the cast of 2001: A Space Odyssey is not listed.
AFI 100 Years 100 Laughs
When you see this list you might say, "Surely you can't be serious!"...we are serious and don't call us Shirley.
Hide Your 'K' Movies
Knowing how to retrieve them once hidden, is key.
Movie Acrostic Puzzle
Movie trivia and movie quotes, all wrapped up into one puzzle.
Pick the Tom Cruise Movie
This Cruise is only 3-minutes long, but it should still be enjoyable.
Acting Musicians II
This quiz is proof that sometimes it's best to leave the acting to a professional.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
If your name was Buffy you'd have to kill a lot of vampires to feel good about yourself too.
Movie Cast Match (2015)
2015 was not a bad year for movies!
Movie Cast Match (2003)
We like to pretend that some of these movies never happened.
100 Years of Movie Stars
The movie marathon of a lifetime.
TV Shows Lead Characters (A-Z)
Disclaimer: Not all characters in this quiz are made of lead.
Movie Cast Match (2012)
2012, the year that the movie 'Battleship' showed us that Rihanna should never be an actress.
Movie Cast Match (2004)
Just because Mean Girls came out in 2004 doesn't mean it was the greatest year for movies of all time. Or does it?
Quentin Tarantino Actor Match
A lot of great actors appear in Tarantino movies, even though it's likely they won't get out alive.
Get the Picture: Disney Villains
Can you choose the correct Disney villain for each piece of trivia?
Hide Your 'L' Movies
Let's not linger and tuck 'em away!
Hide Your 'J' Movies
Join us on our quest to conceal all of these jolly good films.
Complete the Horror Movie... With a Picture
You'll probably want to cover your eyes for this part.
Hide Your 'A' Movies
What an awesome array of movies.
Movie Cast Match (2016)
How many trips to the movie theater did you make last year?
The Big Board: '80s Movies
The special effects are a little less convincing than they were thirty years ago, but we still love these movies.
Harry Potter First Names (A-Z) by Image
It seems like Snape could twist any situation to make it Harry's fault.
Studios Made These Movies Better?!
Sometimes we wonder if studios ever make a movie better.
Disney Title Characters
Name the title characters from these Disney movies that include animated and live-action films.
10 Actresses, 3 Decades
It's pretty safe to say that these women know a thing or three about acting.
5-Star Oscar Nominated Actors
You could say these actors have their act together.
Which of the Two... Movies
You don't need to have seen any movies at all to guess your way through this one.
Movie Cast Match (2014)
How many of these recent movies did you pay outrageous ticket prices to see?
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