Movies Role Quizzes

A-Z TV Shows Lead Characters
Disclaimer: Not all characters in this quiz are made of lead.
12 Strong (and angry) Men - Picture Click
Don't Make me Angry, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry!
The big british american role switch
Warning: Identity crisis ahead
The Man in the Movies
Now's your chance to finally stick it to the Man.
Musicians' Cameos
Good thing these are just cameos, we're not sure we could handle much more bad acting.
The Big Board: '80s Movies
Nostalgia overload!
Actors in Two Movie Franchises Slideshow
Caution: Split personalities ahead
Friends Titles: Tom Hanks
We hope you had a nice Hanksgiving.
Who Said It? Arrested Development
We think Tobias would have been a great addition to the Blue Man Group.
One Movie, Many Roles
Didn't I just see them somewhere
Actor by Franchise Role
Don't get type casted
Actor/Actress by last on screen movie role
Good quiz, had to think hard about some of them because the last role was not always a big hit
Harry Potter Movie by Non-Recurring Character
They magically disappeared after one film!
Not My Movie Chain
We couldn't put Samuel L. Jackson in this quiz because he's literally in every movie.
Shakespearean 'P' Scramble
If Shakespeare cooked breakfast, we're pretty sure he'd make a hamlet.
Oscar Winners in Early TV Roles II
You think even back then they knew they were working with the Sexiest Man Alive?
Movie Stars: Last 5 Years
What have they done for you lately?
Famous Fives: 21st Century Movies (Actresses)
We're not sure what Meryl Streep will do next, but whatever it is, she'll probably win an award for it.
Travels with Tom (Hanks)
I think it's time to switch travel agents, Tom.
Click the Right Sacha (Picture Click)
A man of many silly faces.
Star Wars Scenes Featuring Chewbacca
A wookiee for all occasions.
10 Actors, 3 Decades IV
Three decades of acting sounds like a nice, long career. Then you realize Clint Eastwood has been at it for seven.
Clickable Sporcle Quiz Show: Entertainment
Who would make the best host for the Sporcle Game Show?
Movie by Actor Role
'So you're telling me there's a chance. YEAH!'
Movie Cast Match (1987)
In 1987, Andy Warhol died, Legend of Zelda was released and Ernest went to camp...big year!
A-Z Title Character Slideshow IV
When will it be cool for women to wear ties again?
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