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Upside Down Logos
Pick the logos when they are given upside-down.
Before The Were Famous, They Did Fast Food Commercials
Name these future celebrities from their early fast/convenience food commercial appearances.
Fast Food Logos
If you weren't hungry already, you will be after playing this quiz.
Click the Fast Food Logos
As if trying to pick a restaurant everyone can agree on isn't hard enough...
Ice Cream Extravaganza
This quiz is 31 flavors of fun. We're out of free samples, though.
Fast Food Restaurants Spelling Bee
Can you only pick the correctly spelled US Fast Food Restaurants without a mistake?
Almost Useless Food Trivia
Pizza is never useless.
Top Fast Food Chains A-Z
There's a lot of calories packed into this alphabet.
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz: Fast Food
Can you sort the fast food terms into their categories before time runs out?
Fast Food Restaurants
Fast food doesn't have to be bad for you, but, as this list proves, it is often what sells.
Frozen Fast Food
The fastest thing about it is how quickly it melts.
Fast Food Restaurant by Burger
This might be Sporcle's most unhealthy quiz to date.
Get the Picture: McDonald's vs Burger King
Can you choose whether each clue refers to McDonald's or Burger King?
GIF Company Logos
Name the following companies by their logos in these GIFs.
Quick Pick: Pasta
Can you quickly pick the types of Italian pasta, while avoiding Italian cheeses?
Top Food Chains (US)
Do yourself a favor and don't take this on an empty stomach.
10 to 1: Product Brands V
Use your purchasing power on this quiz.
Somewhere in the Middle (Miscellaneous)
Better to be in the middle of somewhere than the middle of nowhere.
Big Mac Meltdown
Horse meat is included only in the British version of the jingle.
Restaurant Logos
If you were hungry for another logo quiz, feast on this!
Are You Smarter Than a Miscellaneous Curator?
Can you answer the questions from the Miscellaneous Curators in their respective subcategories?
Let's Make Starbucks' Logo
Can you answer the questions about Starbucks to make its Logo appear? (Type 'A' or 'B')
Let's Play Quidditch: Miscellaneous
Can you answer the following questions and make your way to the Golden Snitch? (see game notes)
Pick 5 in 15: Restaurant Logos
Can you pick 5 restaurant logos in just 15 seconds?
A Big Mac Delight!
This is probably the first time you'll be eating a burger from the top down.
Subcategory Sort: Automobiles, Restaurants, University
Can you sort the terms into the correct group within the correct subcategory?
Miscellaneous Sixes
Hopefully you don't have hexaphobia.
McDonald's invaded South America!
Can you click the 5 South American Countries with the most McDonald's Restaurants?
McDonald's invaded Oceania!
Can you click the 4 Oceanian Countries with the most McDonald's Restaurants?
McDonald's invaded Africa!
Can you click the 4 African Countries with McDonald's Restaurants?
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