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Best & Worst US Metro Areas for Restaurant Variety
Name the metro areas/cities that rank highest and lowest for restaurant variety, based on the ratio of ethnic restaurants to fast food places? (Metro areas of 400,000+ pop. See 'how to play' for more info.).
Sporcle Categorical Grab Bag: Begins with 'C'
This guy definitely has a favorite 'C' word.
Darden Restaurants
Pick the restaurants owned by Darden.
Resurrected Products*: Picture Click
When given the name of the company that makes each product, can you select the correct product which was discontinued, only to be resurrected*?
Logos Through The Ages: Wendy's
Pick the Wendy's logos in the order in which they were unveiled.
-lphabetized: Restaurant Chains
For each question below, can you select which restaurant chain would be in the alphabetical rank listed if its first letter had not been removed?
Identify the Product Decoy
Products in disguise.
Disney Movie Restaurants
Feed your nostalgia and your appetite!
Miscellaneous Sixes
Hopefully you don't have hexaphobia.
Get the Picture: Fast Food Chains
Can you choose the fast food chain that serves each item?
Restaurant App Icons
The app can do everything except eat the food for you.
TV Bars and Restaurants
Here's a quiz to perk you up a bit.
Vowel-less Slogans
Are you ready to 'tst th rnbw'?
Fast Food Franchise by Frozen Drink/Dessert
Match the frozen drink/dessert to the appropriate fast food franchise? (all of these drinks/desserts are trademarked by their respective franchise).
Logos Through the Ages: KFC
This quiz is finger lickin' good.
Fast Food A-Z
Name the Fast Food-related answers from A to Z.
Alice's Restaurant Massacree Quiz
Name the Alice's Restaurant Massacree Quiz.
Arby's & Jon Stewart
Pick the correct word to complete Jon Stewart's musings on Arby's.
They Stuffed WHAT!? into that Pizza Crust?
Can you correctly choose the real stuffed crust pizza fillings for Pizza Hut pizzas (US and international) from the decoys?
Quick Pick: Restaurants by (Unique) Food
Pick the restaurant by its unique menu item.
Almost Useless Food Trivia
Pizza is never useless.
What's in a Restaurant's Name?
What's in their food is probably the most important thing.
Subway Salads
Pick the chopped salads available in the US Subway restaurants.
Restaurants by Decade (Chicken)
Match these restaurants with the correct decade in which they were founded.
Incomplete Fast Food Chains
Dang! They forgot to give us ketchup!
Starbucks Logo Parodies
Let these grace your grande beverages.
Quick Pick: Bye-bye McDonald's
Pick the countries that used to have McDonald's, but do not anymore.
Fast Food: Who Has More?
Can you choose which fast food restaurant has more location?
Krispy Kreme Doughnut Picture Klick
This quiz comes cheaper by the dozen.
KFC Logo Parodies
Most of these would be great Colonels.
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