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Word Ladder: Cincinnati Cuisine
Name the 3, 4, and 5-letter words in this expanding ladder to reveal a regional US food specialty.
Missing Word: Fast Foods
Name the words missing from these fast food menu items.
McDonalds Menu Map
We'll take the menu with pictures, please.
Food Names - Namesake or Name Fake?
Soylent green is people, at least that's what we've been hearing.
50 Restaurant Chains
It's a good thing these restaurants haven't merged yet. We're not sure how the public would respond to Krispy Donuts or Dunkin' Kreme.
Fast Food Matchup
We could hear our arteries slowly clogging as we played this.
Fast Food Restaurant Hunt
These restaurants are popular, though not necessarily good for your health.
Big Mac Meltdown
Horse meat is included only in the British version of the jingle.
Word Ladder: Get in My Belly
Name the four-letter words in this food-themed word ladder.
10 to 1 Simpsons Parodies
Can you sort the Simpsons parody places and things into the correct categories?
Fast Food Franchise by Frozen Drink/Dessert
Match the frozen drink/dessert to the appropriate fast food franchise? (all of these drinks/desserts are trademarked by their respective franchise).
They Stuffed WHAT!? into that Pizza Crust?
Can you correctly choose the real stuffed crust pizza fillings for Pizza Hut pizzas (US and international) from the decoys?
Fast Food Countries
Wouldn't it be smart to get your franchise right to the Hungary people?
Food Mascot Blitz
It seems that food mascots should look hungrier than they do.
Get the Picture: Fast Food Chains
Can you choose the fast food chain that serves each item?
In-N-Out Burger Locations
Now that IS a tasty burger.
Categorize This!: Fast Food
Pick the fast food restaurant that serves/served each item.
Pizza Hut Toppings
The logo for Pizza Hut kind of looks like a hat. Maybe they should be called Pizza Hat.
Country by McDonald's Sign
Let's be honest, the golden arches are really all we need.
Largest Pizza Chains
When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie...that a-Sporcle.
Missing Word: Restaurant Chains II
Name the missing words from the following restaurant names.
McDonald's invaded Africa!
Can you click the 4 African Countries with McDonald's Restaurants?
Red Lobster States
Can you find the US States that have a Red Lobster?
Biopic Picture Click: The Founder (2016)
Match the names below to the historical figures and the actors who portrayed them in the film The Founder? (See game note for details.).
Vowel-less Fast Food Chains
We're feeling pretty hngry.
McDonald's First Menu
Even back then we imagine people were clamoring for the McRib.
Canadian Restaurant Chains by Logo
Name these major restaurants and fast food chains of Canada by their logo.
Quick Pick: Arby's Menu
Pick the products found on an Arby's menu while avoiding the decoys.
Quick Pick: Wendy's Menu
Pick the items found on a Wendy's menu while avoiding the decoys.
Seinfeld Restaurants
'There’s nothing more satisfying than looking down after lunch and seeing nothing but a table.' - Mr. Steinbrenner
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