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4x4 Grid Match: Miscellaneous
Boy, would a Sporcle globe hood ornament look flashy.
Quick Pick: Tasty Slogans
Can you identify the brand for each slogan that contains the word 'taste'?
McDonalds Menu Map
We'll take the menu with pictures, please.
McDonald's or Burger King?
This feels like some sort of monumental decision, doesn't it?
Restaurant Logos Close-Up
Just looking at some of these logos makes us hungry.
Word Ladder: Get in My Belly
Name the four-letter words in this food-themed word ladder.
Missing Word: Restaurant Chains
Name the words missing from the following restaurant chain names.
Resurrected Products*: Picture Click
Still so many others that have not been brought back...
-lphabetized: Restaurant Chains
For each question below, can you select which restaurant chain would be in the alphabetical rank listed if its first letter had not been removed?
10 to 1: Product Brands V
Use your purchasing power on this quiz.
Somewhere in the Middle (Miscellaneous)
Better to be in the middle of somewhere than the middle of nowhere.
10 to 1: Fast Food 🌮
Pick the answers that fit into each category related to fast food.
Quick Pick: Burger King Menu
Pick the items found on a Burger King menu while avoiding the decoys.
Seinfeld Restaurants
'There’s nothing more satisfying than looking down after lunch and seeing nothing but a table.' - Mr. Steinbrenner
First 10 Countries with a McDonalds
We wonder how this correlates with these countries' rate of heart disease and fear of clowns.
Countries Without McDonald's
Ba da ba ba ba - these countries aren't lovin' it.
20 Largest Fast Food Chains
Eventually one of these fast food chains is going to be big enough to start its own country.
McDonald's invaded Europe!
Can you click the 10 European Countries with the most McDonald's Restaurants?
What's in a Restaurant's Name?
What's in their food is probably the most important thing.
Get the Picture: Fast Food Chains
Can you choose the fast food chain that serves each item?
In-N-Out Burger Locations
Now that IS a tasty burger.
TV Show by Chinese Food Scene
These must have been some tasty scenes to film.
Quick Pick: McDonald's Menu
Pick the items found on a McDonald's menu while avoiding the decoys.
Pizza Hut Toppings
The logo for Pizza Hut kind of looks like a hat. Maybe they should be called Pizza Hat.
Big Mac Meltdown
Horse meat is included only in the British version of the jingle.
Food Lover's Terms A-Z
Pick the culinary terms to fit the descriptions.
Miscellaneous 'D' Blitz 7-to-1
Can you quickly match each 'D' answer to the category in which it belongs, avoiding decoys*?
Top Food Chains (US)
Do yourself a favor and don't take this on an empty stomach.
NYC Restaurant Cuisine Types
Playing this quiz is 'Great Fun' and 'Full of Positive Feelings'. Known also for 'Upset Screaming at Missed Answers' and 'Lots of Randomly Right Guesses'.
Logos Through the Ages: McDonald's
Isn't it odd that one of the mascots for McDonald's is a guy who steals from McDonald's?
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