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Words In US Federal Holidays
Can you find the words that appear in at least one US Federal Holiday, while avoiding the decoys?
Reverse Alphabet: Holiday
Reverse the holidays? The New Year is going to get really confusing!
Christmas Bunker
Are there any two words in the English language that inspire the holiday season like Christmas Bunker? We think not.
Bullseye Blitz: Holidays!
Can you fill in all 12 bullseyes before time runs out? Answers on interior rings will also fill in the outer rings.
Ultimate Minefield Blitz IV
Can you put the items in their Sporcle categories* before time runs out?
Christmas Decorations
Pick the correct Christmas decoration when prompted.
16 Little Christmas Pictograms
A term related to Christmas is depicted by the images in each pictogram. Can you decipher them all?
Holiday Bunker
You'll need a holiday after making your way through this bunker.
Typing Challenge: 100 Chinese New Year Words
How will you celebrate the beginning of the Year of the Dog?
Which Holiday?
Cat puns freak meowt.
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz: Easter
Can you sort the Easter terms into their categories before time runs out?
In 6 Languages: Christmas
Pick the matching Christmas words in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.
Holidays by Teddy Bears
Bad puns are pawsitively unbearable.
Word Ladder: A Band on Halloween
Name the 5-letter words in this themed word ladder.
Finish the Christmas Song
For what it is worth, the Finish the Festivus Song quiz was just too darn hard.
Christmas Books: The Subtitles
Books are always a great gift idea.
Word Ladder: Ash Wednesday
Name the four-letter words in this religiously-themed word ladder.
Complete the Christmas Tree
Next year we will have to try this same quiz with a Festivus pole.
Holiday Books: The Subtitles
We'd hope that a book's subtitle wouldn't be the most entertaining part, but sometimes, it is.
4-Letter Valentine's Day Words
Can you name all of the four letter words that can be made using the letters in each of these Valentine's Day terms?
Christmas Songs by Rhyming Lyrics
Can you select the correct Christmas song when given lyrics within that song?
Three Pillars of Lent
Name the three pillars of Lent that were inspired by the Sermon on the Mount from the Gospel of Matthew.
The Christmas Quiz
It's beginning to look a lot like Sporcle...oh yeah and Christmas too. It also looks like Christmas.
'All I Want for Christmas Is You' Lyrics
This might be the most romantic Christmas song outside of Santa Baby.
Typing Challenge: 100 Christmas Words
Just try not to get any tinsel in your keyboard. It's tricky to get out.
'Do You Hear What I Hear?' Lyrics
It's that time of the year again.
Stupid Christmas Jokes
These jokes will just sleigh you.
Figure Out the Lyrics (Christmas Edition)
If the constant stream of Christmas songs at grocery stores wasn't enough for you, we decided to join the party.
Christmas Baddies
Christmas bad guys are still pretty jolly.
The Sporcle 2012 Christmas Card
Happy Holidays everybody.
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