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RuPaul's Drag Race Contestants
We're off to the races.
Survivor Trivia #6: Criteria Quiz!
Pick the Survivors who match ALL of the given criteria, reducing as you go.
Survivor Logic Puzzle: Heroes vs. Villains
Can you find the location of the 20 castaways from Heroes vs. Villains using the clues provided?
Dessert Reality Show or Not?
Pick the actual reality shows about desserts while avoiding the fakes.
Survivor Locations
I think the hardest part of Survivor is that they have to go all that time without being able to go to Sporcle, it is probably a relief when they get voted off the island.
BB20: Who Did They Vote to Evict? (Week 1)
Can you pick who each houseguest voted to evict on the first eviction of BB20?
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Television
Can you sort the 100 Television items in this 1 to 10 to 1 sorting gallery?
Missing Word: RuPaul's Drag Race (A-Z)
Name the missing word in each of these drag names from RuPaul's Drag Race.
ALL Rupaul's Drag Race Queens
Name the ALL Rupaul's Drag Race Queens henny.
Survivor Trivia #5: Jobs of Survivors
Can you identify Survivors based only on their jobs and the last season they played on?
Pokémon or RuPaul's Drag Race?
Poke ball meets drag.
Survivor Confessionals
Name the Survivors with at least 50 confessionals in a single season.
What Jeff Probst WILL Say on... Survivor!
If you are a contestant on Survivor, it's likely you hate this man more than anything.
Survivor Winners
Outwit. Outplay. Outlast. Outsporcle?
Survivors by Finish Order
Name the Survivor contestant by where they placed in the multiple seasons they appeared on.
Drag Race Blitz
Can You Name a Queen in each category—in 60 seconds or fewer?
Sorting Gallery: RuPaul's Drag Race
Can you sort the answers into their respective categories?
Survivor Item Match
These Survivors have lost their things. Can you help find them?
Survivor Criteria Logic Jigsaw Puzzle
Pick a season of Survivor that satisfies each criterion. There are multiple solutions possible, but there are also many ways to ultimately not satisfy all of the criteria, so be careful fitting this jigsaw together!
Survivor Trivia #7: Survivors, Seasons, Tribes
Can you get from one question to another using the given clues and answers?
Name That Survivor Season
Pick the season of Survivor that fits each description.
Survivor Runners-Up
Name the Survivor contestants who made it to the final tribal council, but didn't win.
Survivor contestants by clothing
Name the Survivor contestant by clothing? (HARD).
Survivor Trivia #3: Who are they talking to/about?
Who are these Survivors talking about?
Ultimate RuPaul's Drag Race Quiz
Can you answer all the RuPaul's Drag Race Trivia?
Survivor Finalist Duds: Pick 'Em!
Pick the 'Survivor' finalists who never received even one jury vote at any Final Tribal Council.
Survivor Eliminee for Each Day
Name the Survivor Eliminees for Each Day.
Survivor Match-Ups: Outwit, Outplay, Outlast
Can you choose the 'Survivor' contestant in each pair who made it further in each season, by choosing 'A' or 'B'?
Survivor Winners Logic Puzzle
Name the Survivor Winners.
Survivor Season by Contestant Names
Match the season of Survivor that had Survivors with the three listed contestants.
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