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Top 25 Rappers of All Time
Name the Top 25 Rappers of All Time.
Advice from The Lonely Island - YOLO (Clickable)
Pick the correct advice given in The Lonely Island's song YOLO.
99 Problems Lyrics
Name the 99 Problems Lyrics.
Kanye West Songs (Clickable)
Pick the Kanye West Songs (Clickable).
Things the Beastie Boys got more than
Pick the things the Beastie Boys got more than.
Nicki Minaj Songs
Pick the Nicki Minaj Song That Matches The Lyrics.
Missing Word: Jay-Z Songs
Name the words missing from these Jay-Z songs.
Guess the kpop songs by their rap part (1) (audio)
Name the kpop song by their rap part (1).
Rap Group Members
Name the Rap Group Members.
How Black Are You
Pick the How Black Are You .
Song Samples Clickable
Pick the tracks these songs were sampled in.
Rapper or Not
Pick the Actual Rappers, Hip Hop Artists, or Singers.
'8 Mile' Final Rap Battle Words
Name the '8 Mile' Final Rap Battle Words.
Regurgitated Hip-Hop Lyrics (Clips)
This is what all hip hop is going to sound like once auto-tune becomes sentient.
Jay-Z Lyrics 'Can I Get A' lyrics
Name the Jay Z Lyrics .
Missing Word: Rap Music
Name the missing word from these rapper's songs.
Hip-Hop Songs and Samples
Name the hip-hop artist AND the artist(s) that he or she samples.
2pac's 'Changes' 1st verse
Name the lyrics to the first verse in 'Changes'.
Top 20 Eminem
Name the top 20 Eminem music videos.
Finish the Eminem Lyric
Name the Next Lyric in the Eminem Song.
'Ice Ice Baby' Like A...
We're not sure that Vanilla Ice knows how similes work.
Eminem Song Plots
Name the Eminem songs given their basic plots.
Songs by Kid Cudi
Name the Songs by Kid Cudi.
Dr. Dre's 2001
Name the tracks from Dr. Dre's 2001.
Things Y'all Gon' Make DMX Do
Y'all gon' make DMX real mad if you don't give this a shot.
BROCKHAMPTON SATURATION: who sings/raps these lines
Can you name who sings/raps these lyrics in BROCKHAMPTON?
Guess The Song (BTS)
Match the correct lyric to the song.
Gucci Gang Lyrics
Do you know the words to Lil Pump's hit, Gucci Gang?
NAV & Metro Boomin, Perfect Timing
Can you name all the songs off of NAV & Metro Boomin's Perfect Timing?
2017 Rap Songs by First Lyric Quiz
Name the 2017 hip hop songs by the first RAPPED lyric.
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