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Things Dr. Dre said according to Eminem
Pick the things Dr. Dre might or might not have said.
Guess the Rap Album by the Emoji
Can you guess the rap album by the emoji? (Made for ISAIAHthePLAYAH)
Male Musical Artists by Image A-Z III
Can you choose the male singer or solo artist depicted in each image?
Male Musical Artists by Image A-Z
Can you choose the male singer or solo artist depicted in each image?
Rap Chain
Can you the Rap Chain?
'Jumpsuit' by Twenty One Pilots - Lyrics
Name the lyrics to the song 'Jumpsuit' by Twenty One Pilots.
Twenty One Pilots under 3 Minutes
Name the twenty one pilots songs that are under 3 minutes long.
Guess the Rapper by the Emoji
Can you guess the rapper by the emoji?
Hip Hop Songs 10-to-1
Pick the rap and hip hop songs that belong to each (lead) artist.
Song Prequels
We'd love to read the lyrics to these prequels.
XXXTENTACION, Jocelyn Flores Lyrics
Do you know all the lyrics to Jocelyn Flores, by XXXTENTACION?
Twenty One Pilots: Vessel Minefield
Can you pick all of the songs from Vessel without picking any traps?
Twenty One Pilots: Blurryface Minefield
Can you pick all of the songs from Blurryface without picking a trap?
Twenty One Pilots Albums Blitz
Can you name all of the Twenty One Pilots Albums in just 30 seconds?
Lyrics: Humble by Kendrick Lamar
Name the Humble Lyrics.
You're Welcome Lyrics - Moana Part 1
Name the You're Welcome Lyrics - Moana.
Quick Pick: Jay-Z Song Title Endings
Pick the final word in these Jay-Z song titles.
Missing Word: Rap Albums of the Last Decade
Name the missing words from these rap albums.
Click the Kanye West Album Covers
Pick the Kanye West studio album covers.
Quick Pick: Kendrick Lamar
Complete the titles of these Kendrick Lamar tracks.
One Hit Wonder artists
Can you combine these One Hit Wonders and Signature Songs with the Band or artist that made it?
Earl Sweatshirt Songs
Name all of the songs by American rapper Earl Sweatshirt from his discography.
'Stan' Lyrics by Eminem
Name the lyrics to the first verse of 'Stan' by Eminem.
Kanye West or Taylor Swift?
Are these lyrics part of a Kanye West or Taylor Swift song? Enter 'K' for Kanye and 'T' for Taylor
Kanye West - Mercy Lyrics
Name the Mercy lyrics (Chorus+Kanye+Big Sean).
2ne1 Songs
Pick the 2ne1 Songs.
Shakespeare or Hip-Hop?
Who knew that Shakespeare had so much swag?
One Minute with the Fresh Prince (clickable!)
Pick the characters featured in the opening credits to 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air'.
How Black Are You
Pick the How Black Are You .
Drake or Fake?
Can you tell the real Drake songs from the fakes?
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