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Hip-Hop Rappers Picture Click
Can you correctly identify the Hip-Hop rappers & groups by their black and white images?
Name As Many Grime Artists As You Can
Name the Name As Many Grime Artists As You Can.
History... Hip Hop Style!
Ain't nothin' but a Warren G. Harding thang.
Same Age Celebrity Match
Marilyn Monroe was born in the same year as WHO?!?
Missing Word: Rap Songs
Name the missing word from each of these rap songs.
Dog Breed or Rapper
Pick the dog breeds (D) and the rappers (R).
Rap Lyrics in More Scholarly Language II
We never knew how much it would change a rap song if you just add the word 'damsel'.
Football or Rapper
Name the football players and rappers in this quiz.
Cardi B or Nicki Minaj Lyrics?
Can you decide whether the following lyrics were performed by Cardi B (C) or Nicki Minaj (N)?
Female Musical Artists by Image A-Z IV
Can you choose the female singer or solo artist depicted in each image?
Playboi Carti Discography
Name the Playboi Carti Discography by songs.
Male Musical Artists by Image A-Z
Can you choose the male singer or solo artist depicted in each image?
Missing Word: Eminem Song Titles (A-Z)
Can you provide the missing words A-Z from these Eminem songs?
Quick Pick: Eminem Song Title Endings
Pick the final word in these Eminem song titles.
Missing Word: '90s Rap & Hip Hop
Name the missing word in the title of these '90s rap and hip hop songs.
Who Said It: God or Kanye?
This quiz is just what Kanye West's ego needs.
100 Rap/Hip Hop Artists
Name the Rap/Hip Hop Artists.
Missing Word: Jay-Z Songs
Name the words missing from these Jay-Z songs.
Missing Word: Kanye West
Name the missing words in these tracks by or featuring Kanye West.
Same Title, Different Song
It's nice to see musicians strive for originality.
Classic Albums By Their First and Last Songs
Pick these classic albums when given only their first and last songs.
2018/2019 Rap Lyrics II
Name the 2018/2019 rap song from a snippet of its lyrics.
Hip-Hop Stage Names
For every country music quiz, we're required to provide a rap music quiz to keep the internet balanced.
Top Rap Songs 2019 (Billboard Top 40)
Can you name every rap song that entered the Billboard top 40 in 2019?
Drake Top 10s
Can You Name Every Top 10 Drake Hit?
Guess the Rap Album by the Emoji
Can you guess the rap album by the emoji? (Made for ISAIAHthePLAYAH)
Bands and Groups by Image A-Z III
Can you choose the musical group depicted in each image?
Male Musical Artists by Image A-Z II
Can you choose the male singer or solo artist depicted in each image?
Travis Scott, ASTROWORLD
Name the songs off of Travis Scott's ASTROWORLD.
Click the Music Logo
Can you choose the prompted band or recording artist's logo from among each choice?
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