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Quick Pick: 1990s - Solo or Group?
Pick the solo artists prominent in the 1990s while avoiding the duos and groups.
First Word Rap Songs
Hopefully this quiz doesn't give you any first word problems.
Musical Artist Sorting Blitz
This will be like shuffling through your music library really fast.
Wasting Time in the '90s
Nostalgic '90s trivia never feels like a waste of time.
Right or Wrong Artist?
Can Beyoncé ever really be wrong?
Rolling Stone's Greatest Rappers
You gotta get that dirt off your shoulders.
Music Crossword
Can you fill in the crossword, which has a musical theme?
2018/2019 Rap Lyrics
Name the 2018/2019 rap song from a snippet of its lyrics.
Prepositions in Album Titles II
To the river and over the wood, through grandmother's house we go...
Twenty One Pilots: Blurryface Minefield
Can you pick all of the songs from Blurryface without picking a trap?
Missing Word: '90s Rap & Hip Hop
Name the missing word in the title of these '90s rap and hip hop songs.
Prepositions in Album Titles III
Pick the correct prepositions to complete the titles of these albums.
Complete Works of Rap
We wonder what the rap genre will look like 20 years from now.
Which of the Two... Singers and Bands
It's a sing-off: Sporcle style.
Hip-Hop Song, Artist, and Album Match
Now here's a fun quiz to get rapped up in.
Guess the Rap Song From The Lyric 2018
Guess the Rap Song From The Lyric 2018
Travis Scott, ASTROWORLD
Name the songs off of Travis Scott's ASTROWORLD.
Quick Pick: Eminem Song Title Endings
Pick the final word in these Eminem song titles.
Kendrick Lamar Songs
Sit down. Be humble.
Female Musician by Lyrics
Sing it, ladies!
Rappers (A-Z)
Name the rappers for each letter of the alphabet (and number).
Who Said It: God or Kanye?
This quiz is just what Kanye West's ego needs.
Multiple Choice Music Slideshow
So many choices, so little time...
Rap God: Lyrics at Supersonic Speed
Name the lyrics from the 'supersonic' section of Eminem's 'Rap God'.
Album Covers: Hip Hop
If you're a hip hop fan, you might as well call this quiz 'All my favorite albums'.
Missing Word: Kanye West
Name the missing words in these tracks by or featuring Kanye West.
Things Y'all Gon' Make DMX Do
Y'all gon' make DMX real mad if you don't give this a shot.
Lyrics Match: Eminem
Match the lyrics to the correct song by Eminem.
Hip-Hop Rappers Picture Click
Can you correctly identify the Hip-Hop rappers & groups by their black and white images?
Guess the rapper (by face)
Can you guess the rapper (by face)?
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