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OutKast Albums
You might know the answers... but can you spell them?
Musician Nickname Match-Up
You know you hit it big when you have a nickname for your stage name.
The Source: Top 50 Lyrical Leaders
Name the 50 greatest hip hop lyricists according to The Source magazine
Album Map: To Pimp A Butterfly
An album of varied and diverse music with a great cover
Beastie Boys Members
'Now here's a little story, I've got to tell, about three bad brothers, you know so well...'
Top 20 Billboard Hits: Nelly
I bet the Cheerio's Honey Bee could do well on this quiz!
Musicians by Funko Pop! Figures
Pick the musicians based on their Funko Pop Figures.
Joseph Ducreux Match-Up
Avail thyself
Eminem's Vocabulary
An Eminem enigma.
Kanye West's Top 10 US Rap Chart Singles
Can you name Kanye's most popular singles?
Things Y'all Gon' Make DMX Do
Y'all gon' make DMX real mad if you don't give this a shot.
Quick Pick: Jay-Z Song Title Endings
Pick the final word in these Jay-Z song titles.
5 by 5 Musicians
If we got all these musicians in a room together and had them write a song, we'd probably get the best song ever made.
History... Hip Hop Style!
Can pick (or deduce) the historical figure missing from these rap lyrics?
Eminem Album Covers (Picture Click)
I always preferred peanut m & m's
The 'Flow' Of Hip Hop Albums
If you hustle, you can keep up with the flow of this quiz
Wu-Tang Clan Members (clickable)
Pick the members of the Wu-Tang Clan
Tracks on Illmatic
Name the tracks from Nas's debut album
Hip-Hop - Song, Artist, Album Match
Match the song to the artist that performed it and the album it was featured on
Top 30 Rap Albums in Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest
Name the top 30 rap albums in Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums
Eminem Song by Beat
Name the Eminem song by its beat
BET Influential Rappers
You can bet on these rappers.
30 Words Drake Couldn't Do Without
Pick the word that completes the titles of these Drake songs
Click the Kanye West Album Covers
Click the Kanye West studio album covers
Rap Albums 10-to-1 (Clickable)
Pick the rap and hip hop albums that belong to each artist.
Which of the Two... Singers and Bands
It's a sing-off: Sporcle style.
Marvel Hip-Hop Albums Covers
The Nature of these album covers is not naughty, but if these Marvel characters were really on the cover I would say Hip Hop Hooray.
The Rap Year Book
Name the artist of the most important rap song of each year according to The Rap Year Book
Artist Quiz: Jay-Z
Name the facts about Jay-Z.
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