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Say It Like Bill Clinton
Can you work out which of the following people (or objects) is making a statement in the style of Bill Clinton? See How to Play for instructions.
8 to 1: Famous Quotes in Movies
We have no patience for long quotes in this quiz.
Who Said It? The Office (US)
'I don't care what Jim says. That is not the real Ben Franklin. I am 99 sure!'
Who Said It? Parks and Rec
Get 100% on this quiz and maybe you'll make it onto the Swanson Pyramid of Greatness.
Finish the Famous Movie Quote
Quotes just don't sound good without their final _____.
Follow That Line: Stranger Things
On a scale of 1-10, we give this quiz an Eleven.
Tough Disney Film Quotes
'Tough' isn't the first word that comes to mind when thinking about Disney.
8 to 1: Famous Quotes in Movies II
Pick the word from famous quotes in these movies.
Movie Quotes
Nobody puts Sporcle in a corner!
Finish the Famous Quote
The end of the quote is what people remember anyway.
Disney Movie Quotes III
Don't quote us on this one, but this could be the best Disney quiz of all time.
Disney Movie Quotes II
The more Disney movies you have memorized, the easier this quiz will be.
Liz or Leslie?
One person's 'annoying' is another person's 'inspiring and heroic.'
Finish the Famous Movie Quote II
Have fun trying to finish these quotes from _____.
Which Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor Said It?
Pick the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor who said each of these quotes.
Questioning Movie Quotes III?
Ask a silly question, get a silly quote.
Did Trump Really Tweet It?
If you get 100% because you are one of his Twitter followers...you should probably keep that comment to yourself.
Questioning Movie Quotes?
Here at Sporcle, we question everything.
Disney Chat-Up Lines
Match the smooth talker to their chosen chat-up line.
Disney Movie Quotes
We can bet you've seen these movies multiple times, so messing up is not an option.
Lost Characters by Quote (S01E12)
Pick the Lost characters by one of their given quotes from season one, episode twelve ('Whatever the Case May Be').
Riverdale Characters by Quote
Pick the Riverdale character by a quote they said.
That's What 'N' Said
Quotes are usually easier said than done.
Quick Pick: Presidential Jokes
Can you quickly fill in the missing words to complete these jokes told by US presidents?
Finish the Famous Athlete Quote
As these athletes will tell you, this is no time for excuses. There's a quiz to be played.
Questioning Movie Quotes VI?
Why do you think we like movie quotes so much?
Questioning Movie Quotes II?
We'll ask the questions here, thank you very much.
Finish the Famous 'Last Words'
These folks made memorable, poetic or simply puzzling exits.
Carnac (Johnny Carson) quotes IV
Can you pick what was in the hermetically sealed envelope (kept in a #2 mayonnaise jar on Funk & Wagnall's back porch since noon today) when Carnac the Magnificent divined the following answers?
Famous Quotes About 'M'
You could say these quotes are magnificent.
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