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Movie by Repeated Quote IV
This is one way to help actors remember their lines.
Movie by Repeated Quote
Apparently history is not the only thing that repeats itself.
Movie by Repeated Quote III
Maybe if we listened the first time, these movies wouldn't have to keep repeating themselves.
Movie by Repeated Quote II
You stay classy, San Diego.
Movie by Repeated Quote VIII
Pick the move that features the given quotes that are repeated throughout the film.
Finish the Famous Movie Quote
Quotes just don't sound good without their final _____.
'And The Lord Spoke Unto...' Whom?
Sometimes a deity just starts feeling a little chatty.
Who Said That? (Macbeth)
'Out damned spot! out, I say!' was clearly said on laundry day.
Disney Movie Quotes
We can bet you've seen these movies multiple times, so messing up is not an option.
Movie Quote Picture Click III
'She can't be dead! Misery Chastain can't be dead!'
Finish That Disney Insult
Who knew Disney characters could be so rude?
Finish that Insult: Friends
Complete these insults spoken in Friends.
Who Said It? Parks and Rec
Get 100% on this quiz and maybe you'll make it onto the Swanson Pyramid of Greatness.
Disney Movie Quotes II
The more Disney movies you have memorized, the easier this quiz will be.
'You Predicted What? WOW!'
Pick the correct missing word from these spot on historical predictions.
Quotes on Life by Historical Figures
These quotes just might give you a new lease on life.
Brief Movie Quotes: 1970s
I love the smell of Sporcle in the morning.
What Movie Is That From? II
You can have all of us, Renée Zellweger. You can have it all.
Follow That Line: Rick and Morty
Pick the reply following each quote from Rick and Morty.
Finish the Famous Literature Quote
It's not everyday that an author will let you finish their work like this.
Finish That Insult: Literature
Dang, literature characters can be so harsh.
The Great Gatsby: Who's Quote Is It
Name the The Great Gatsby: Whose Quote Is It.
Star Wars Character by Quote
For a galaxy so far away, they sure do have a lot of dialog.
Finish the Famous Quote
The end of the quote is what people remember anyway.
Misquotable Quotes
Can you fill in the (possibly incorrect number of) blanks with the correct words while the Bonus answers unfairly make fun of you?
Famous Quotes About 'G'
When 'grandchildren' and 'gambling' meet in a quiz, only good things can happen.
US History Quotes
But who said, 'Any customer can have a globe painted any color that he wants so long as it is orange?'
Loki or The Joker?
If these two supervillains got together, the results would be both hilarious and terrifying.
Famous Quotes About 'F'
Despite his famous 'F' quote legacy, we had to remove Samuel L. Jackson from this quiz.
Follow That Line: Titanic
Your heart will go on. Celine Dion says so.
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