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Looney Tunes Quotes
Sporcle is ze locksmith of quizzes, no?
Finish that Insult: Harry Potter
This quiz could also be titled 'Malfoy & Hermione's Greatest Hits.'
Follow That Line: The Simpsons II
Ruined By A Letter: Proverbs
For each well-known saying, a letter has been substituted to ruin the meaning. Can you click the correct letter which has been replaced?
Who Said It? The Office (US)
'I don't care what Jim says. That is not the real Ben Franklin. I am 99 sure!'
History Acrostic Puzzle
Time to put those thinking caps on.
Clickable Simpsons Quotes
'They took my dressing room, my parking space, even my writer, so I don't have a funny third item.'
Follow That Line: The Simpsons I
'Embiggens?' I never heard that word before I moved to Springfield.
Disney Princess by First Line
Well, there's a first line for everything.
Follow That Line: Indiana Jones
Clicks. Why'd it have to be clicks?
How Do You Do the Time Warp?
Can you correctly pick the steps (in order) of the 'Time Warp' from the Rocky Horror Show?
Movie Quotes
Nobody puts Sporcle in a corner!
Quotes Using Halloween Words
Here's a quiz that will raise your spirits.
Quotes by Famous Men
Pick the second half of these quotes by famous men.
Honest Movie Trailers 2
Pick the movies by a quote from their Honest Trailer by Screen Junkies.
Harry, Ron or Hermione?
They were so much cuter before puberty hit.
Phoebe Buffay Quotes
Who's Phoebe, we only know Princess Consuela Bananahammock.
Brief Movie Quotes: 1980s
Here's movie quotes!
Who Said It? Parks and Rec
Get 100% on this quiz and maybe you'll make it onto the Swanson Pyramid of Greatness.
Unique Classic TV Show Phrases
You can bet your sweet bippy that you'll know most of these phrases.
Elton John or Vladimir Putin?
Can you choose whether each quote was said by Elton John or Vladimir Putin?
Finish the Famous Athlete Quote
As these athletes will tell you, this is no time for excuses. There's a quiz to be played.
Game of Thrones Quotes
If Daenerys has anything to say, odds are it's about giant fire-breathing lizards.
Homer Simpson or Peter Griffin
The world's greatest rivalry finally resolved on Sporcle.
Monty Python's Missing Colors Picture Click
What is your favorite color?
Seinfeld Quotes Click-in-the-Blank
Do you ever get down on your knees and thank God you know me...
Talkin' the Talk
Sports are just better with trash talk.
What Movie Is That From? II
You can have all of us, Renée Zellweger. You can have it all.
TV Character Catchphrases
These guys are so predictable.
Finish the Famous Michael Scott Quote
Pick the last word to these quotes said by Michael Scott.
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