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Quick Pick: Ed Sheeran Songs
Pick the ten Ed Sheeran songs whilst avoiding the decoys.
Bible Blitz: A
These names and places are really A1.
Quick Pick: English Royal Houses
Can you pick Royal Houses of England, Great Britain and the United Kingdom, whilst avoiding the decoys?
Pick 3 International Dishes
This is a time when doing the dishes doesn't seem like a chore.
Quick Pick: Super Bowl Winners - 2000's
Can you quickly pick the teams that have won the Super Bowl through the 2000s? (Winners of the 2000-2009 Seasons)
Quick Pick: Taylor Swift Songs
Complete the titles of these Taylor Swift songs.
30 Second Logic Puzzle
Some of us can complete a logic puzzle in 30 seconds, some of us can stare at the buttons for 30 seconds. Which side are you on?
Quick Pick: Find the Spider-Men
Pick the actors who have played or voiced Spider-Man, while avoiding those who haven't.
Quick Pick: 'M' Athletes
Pick the athletes given their primary teams*.
Quick Pick: Nordic Countries' Longest Rivers
Pick the correct Nordic Country given its longest river.
'Away' Song Titles
Pick the correct words to complete these song titles.
Quick Pick: Riverdale Characters
Pick the corresponding surnames of the characters from Riverdale.
Quick Pick: Percy Jackson
Pick the Missing Word from these Percy Jackson Novels.
Quick Pick: TV Series of 2018
Pick the missing words that complete the titles of television shows that debuted in 2018.
Quick Pick: World Series Winners - 1980's
Can you quickly pick the teams that have won the World Series during the 1980's? (Years: 1980-1989)
Quick Pick: Just So Stories
Pick the words missing from the titles of Rudyard Kipling's 'Just So Stories'.
Quick Pick: One-Team NBA Players
Pick the players that played for a single NBA team their entire careers.
Quick Pick: Sports Events
Pick the sport for each event.
Plums or Beers?
Can you plump for the varieties of plum whilst passing up on the beers?
Quick Pick: Disney Princesses Speak
Pick the Disney princess films where female characters speak at least 50% of all the spoken words in the film.
Riverdale or Pretty Little Liars?
No matter what show they're on, they're all liars.
Quick Pick: Christmas Song Titles
Pick the missing word from these Christmas song titles.
Flag Color Click - Ghana
Pick the parts of the flag of GHANA for each color.
Quick Pick: Saintly Capitals
Pick the countries whose capital is named after a catholic saint, without clicking any that are not.
Both Mario Kart & Super Smash Bros. Characters
"Punch it!" means something totally different in these two games.
Quick Pick: European Mountains by Country
Pick the European country that contains each mountain.
Bible Blitz: F
Pick the correct F answers to these Bible trivia questions.
Bible Blitz: B
Pick the correct Bible B word for each clue.
Quick Pick: Parts of the Psyche
Pick the three parts of Sigmund Freud's model of the human psyche from the options below.
Quick Pick: Black Sea Countries
Can you click the countries that border the Black Sea while avoiding the decoys?
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