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Quick Pick: 'A' Capitals
Can you quickly pick the 'A' capital given its country?
Quick Pick: FIFA World Cup Winners
Pick the countries that have won the FIFA World Cup.
Absent Letter Jennifer Connelly Characters
Can you click the characters Jennifer Connelly has played in alphabetical order when missing their first letter?
Quick Pick: 2010s - Solo or Group?
Pick the solo artists of the 2010s while avoiding the duos and groups.
Bigger or Smaller?
Can you quickly choose the word which one is bigger or smaller by its font size or the word itself?
Somewhere in the Middle (Television)
And here we thought Malcolm was in the middle...
Quick Pick: John Wick
Pick the actors that appeared in the film 'John Wick' whilst avoiding the decoys.
Quick Pick: Sport Emojis
Pick the emojis that represent these sports.
Quick Pick: Subcategories by Three Words
Pick the subcategories by three words.
Quick Pick: Horror Movie Villains
Pick the murderers, ghosts, monsters, and other villains that feature in these horror films.
Click the Simple Machines
It doesn't get more simple than this.
Quick Pick: Animal Adjectives
Pick the correct description to match these animal adjectives.
Quick Pick: 'Friends' Characters
Can you quickly pick the 'Friends' characters by the person who played them?
Quick Pick: Tom Hanks
Can you quickly pick the missing word from these Tom Hanks movies?
Quick Pick: Valentine's Day in 10 Languages
Pick the word for 'Valentine's Day' in each of the following languages.
Quick Pick: Clichés with Body Parts
Pick the words to complete the clichés.
Quick Pick: Missing Movie Male Names
Pick the missing male names from these movie titles.
Quick Pick: Central American Capitals
Pick the capital cities that are located in Central America.
Quick Pick: Real or Fake Snakes
Pick the real snakes.
Quick Pick: Horse Breeds
Pick the real horse breeds without picking any fake ones.
Quick Pick: Television 'H' & 'I' Shows
Pick the real television shows starting with 'H' & 'I' whilst avoiding the decoys.
Dexter Serial Killers in order
Pick the main Dexter serial kiillers in order.
Quick Pick: NFL Positions
Can you quickly pick the valid NFL positions and avoid the decoys?
Pick 3 International Dishes
This is a time when doing the dishes doesn't seem like a chore.
Quick Pick: European Cities in German
Pick these European cities in German.
9 Fictional Alien characters (TV)
Pick the fictional characters from the Outer Space.
Quick Pick: 'K' Beverages
Pick the beverages that begin with the letter K while avoiding the decoys.
9 Fictional Russian characters (Movies)
Pick the fictional characters from Russia / U.S.S.R..
Am I in Saving Private Ryan?
Pick the actors or actresses who appeared in Saving Private Ryan.
Flag Color Click - Kosovo
Pick the parts of the flag of KOSOVO for each color.
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