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Quick Pick: Famous Perrys
Name the real and fictional people who have Perry as a first or last name.
'Away' Song Titles
Pick the correct words to complete these song titles.
Quick Pick: Famous Betty
Can you click the real and fictional people named Betty?
Quick Pick: UEFA European Champions
Pick the countries that have won the UEFA European Championship.
Quick Pick: The 'More' The Merrier
Pick the words and names that end in 'more' and avoid the decoys.
Quick Pick: Declaration of Independence First Words
Can you quickly pick the first words of the US Declaration of Independence in correct order?
Quick Pick: Rhyming Names
Pick the names that rhyme based on clues.
One Minute Sudoku #75
Can you fill the Mini Sudoku #75 in under a minute?
Festivals of Lights
We're trying to shed some light on world holidays.
Quick Pick: 'Fore' Words
Pick the correct word beginning with 'Fore' when given its definition.
Quick Pick: 1990s - Solo or Group?
Pick the solo artists prominent in the 1990s while avoiding the duos and groups.
Quick Pick: Colorful Movies
Match the color to the missing word in the movie title.
Quick Pick: One City Per Continent II
Can you quickly pick the correct city for each inhabited continent?
Quick Pick: Word-ish
Pick the word ending in 'ish' for each definition.
Go Fish: Languages!
Can you click either the given language or '🐠 Go fish! 🐠' depending on whether you 'have' the language?
Click the Simple Machines
It doesn't get more simple than this.
Dingbat Countries! (2)
Pick the names of the countries from their Dingbat/Rebus equivalents.
US History Speed-Picking
This picking will be much speedier than reloading a musket.
Quick Pick: Athletes III
Pick the correct sport for each athlete.
Missing Word: Single Day Literature
Name the missing words in the titles of these works of literature, all of which occur over a single day.
Classic McDonald's Character Click
We hope you hung on to all those Happy Meal toys.
Quick Pick: 'Last' Song Titles
Pick the correct words to complete these song titles.
Quick Pick: 'S' Food
In one minute, can you pick the fifteen 'S' food items listed in this quiz?
Quick Pick: Premier League by Top Scorers
For which football (soccer) club did the top scorer in each Premier League season play?
Quick Pick: BTS Songs
Pick the BTS songs while avoiding the decoys.
3 Letter Words in 1960s Songs
Any word longer than 3 letters is just way too much.
Quick Pick: Beatles Missing Words
Pick the words that have been removed from each Beatles song title.
Click the Band Members: Green Day
No, they did not get to color the rest of the site green for a day.
Premier League Peters
At the end, we're going to make all the Peters fight for the title of the most Premier Peter.
Quick Pick: 'Hamilton' Songs
Pick the missing words from these 'Hamilton' songs.
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