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Quick Pick: Phobias in Movies
Can you quickly pick the movie characters who have at some point had these phobias?
Blackboard Blitz: Disney Cartoon Characters
If your chalkboard is green, can you still call it a blackboard?
Quick Pick: 1983 Hard Rock Albums
Pick the correct hard rock/hair metal band that released the given album in 1983.
Quick Pick: 'E' Latin Phrases
Pick the Latin phrases from the English translation.
Quick Pick: 1-10 Science Things
Can you select the correct number from 1 through 10 to complete the science information?
Treasure Hunt!
This isn't the kind of hunt where you knock on your neighbor's door, but don't let that stop you from doing so!
Quick Pick: 50 Shades of Color
Pick the correct color when given three of its shades.
30 Second Logic Puzzle
Some of us can complete a logic puzzle in 30 seconds, some of us can stare at the buttons for 30 seconds. Which side are you on?
Quick-clicking Grid Minefield
Click on all the designated squares in the right order. Can you beat the clock without making a mistake?
Quick Pick: Sports in Movies
Can you quickly pick the sports featured in these movies?
Quick Pick: 50 Shades of Color II
Pick the correct color when given three of its shades.
Quick Pick: Strange Phobias
Match the phobia to its definition.
5-to-1: 100-to-1
Can you sort these numbers between 1 and 100 into 5 groups of sizes 5 to 1?
Quick Pick: Double Letter Countries
Can you match every prompted capital to the correct double letter country?
Quick Pick: Quick Pick-ception
Can you quickly pick the 'Quick Pick'?
Quick Pick: Crayola Crayons
Pick the missing word from these Crayola crayon colors.
1-100 Whiteout
An homage to the days before word processors when whiteout was the only way to correct a mistake.
Quick Pick: Disney Title Characters
Can you click the Disney characters whose names feature in the title of a Disney animated classic?
Quick Pick: Alphabets
Pick the alphabet with which is written the word 'alphabet'.
Flag Color Click - European Union
Pick the parts of the flag of the European Union for each color.
Quick Pick: Harrison Ford Films
Pick the word to complete the titles in these movies starring Harrison Ford.
Quick Pick: Futurama Characters
Pick the correct family name of the Futurama character when given their first name.
Quick pick: Players with 100+ Caps Country Match
Match these 100+ times capped players with the national team they represented.
Quick Pick: 'Word' in Different Languages
Pick the correct language for various translations of 'word'.
Quick Pick: Water Body Names
Pick the type of water body that completes each name.
Quick Pick: Kardashian 'K' Name or Not?
Pick the first names beginning with K which belong to members of the Kardashian/Jenner clan.
Quick Pick: Adam Sandler Films
Pick the word to complete the titles in these movies starring Adam Sandler.
Quick Pick: Jason Statham Films
Pick the word to complete the titles in these movies starring Jason Statham.
Quick Pick: Bones Only
Pick the bones only.
Sean Connery's Bond Girls
Pick the correct Bond Girl for Sean Connery's Bond movies.
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