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Mini Sudoku VII
Spoiler alert: if you think a square needs a '5,' it's probably wrong.
16 Little Pokémon Pictograms
Unfortunately, the pictograms won't help you with spelling the Pokémon names right.
Bridges (Small) - 24
Can you bridge all the isles together? Bridges may not cross. Numbers say how many bridges land on that isle. Max 2 bridges between any 2 isles. Build on dotted right-of-ways first. Click finished isles as you go*.
_E_ _E Words
He He _e_ _e
Mini Paint-By-Numbers X
If these mini-paintings get any smaller, you'll need a microscope to work on them.
Code Cracker! 20
Get your code-breaking skills working!
Crossword Blackout! VIII
You could say these letters are on the Blacklist.
Find the Star: Asian Capitals II
Can you find the star hidden in a random Asian capital? Typing a capital will reveal its distance in kilometers from the capital with the star. Example: Beijing(1234).
Erase Oceania
Erasing a whole continent in real life would be way harder than just making a few clicks.
Lost for Words: Compound Words
Don't worry. These handy pictures will help you find them.
Symbol Cryptogram: Authors II
How long would it take to read a cryptogram novel?
Slideshow Puzzler: Con-fronted
I love this un-CON-ditionally.
Blackboard Blitz: US Federal Holidays
Every day is a holiday if you believe.
Bible Book 'Cross' Word Puzzles
Name the two books of the Bible that fit in each mini-crossword.
Bridges (Small) - 7
Let's cross this bridge when we get to it.
Number Grid VII
Can you place the numbers 1-100 in this grid so that all consecutive numbers touch either vertically or horizontally?
Lucky Seven Crossword VI
You'll need more than luck here.
Rubik's Flags
Solving a Rubik's cube is amateur hour. Try making images with one.
Minefield Puzzle IV
If you think about it, the safest place in a minefield is a crater.
Basic Logic Grid Puzzle 1: Test Marks
Get your logic circuits firing for back to school!
Hexagon Hopping - Movie Quotes
Bee Movie is oddly missing from this quiz.
Code Cracker! XVIII
How many codes do you need to break before you can put "codebreaker" on your resume?
Mini Nurikabe Puzzle VII
Just wait until we get to the giant nurikabe puzzles.
Unlock the Safe, Get the Gold
Can you figure out the combination to unlock the safe by erasing all the other numbers according to the clues? See Game Note.
Mini Logic Puzzle: Africa
Can you solve this mini Africa-based logic puzzle*?
Tic-Tac-Toe Logic Puzzle
Can you get three in a row in 30 seconds?
Memorize 'Em, Find 'Em
Time to test that memory of yours!
Word Ladder: Word Tetrahedron
Let's build a pyramid!
Odd One Out - Gaming
Pick the gaming-related odd one out.
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