Just For Fun Puzzle

Faulty Digital Clock Puzzle
This explains why I always oversleep.
Cryptogram Map - Sitcoms
TV show titles can be puzzling.
Favorite Ninja Turtle Logic Puzzle
Heroes in a halfshell!
Word Search Logic Puzzle
Combining two puzzle types into one only seems logical.
Maze Race III
Get your maze on!
New-merals I
This quiz has got your number.
Neon Dots Challenge
This quiz will have you buzzing just like neon.
Harry Potter Puzzle Characters
Voldemort's magic scrambled some faces at Hogwarts!
Mini Memory Game
Leave the memories alone.
Click the Colored Circles (Picture-click Minefield)
Your vision might just get spotty.
Picture Click Logic Puzzle II: Rotated Grid
A rotated grid is less logical than a regular grid, but certainly more interesting.
Ratings Logic Puzzle
We're in this for the ratings.
Slideshow Puzzler: The 24-Hour Multiplex
Don't think too hard. You have all night... and day.
Medium Nurikabe
Just wait until we get to the Jumbo Nurikabe puzzles.
The Original Word Ladder
This is like a blast to the past.
★ Star Maze! ★ (Minefield)
This maze will have you seeing stars.
Not So New-merals II
For some reason, David Gray's 'Babylon' is stuck in my head.
Colored Character Selection I
If you miss some of the 3's in this quiz, you might feel a little blue.
Word Ladder: It's Nothing
To quote the great Judge Smails, you'll get nothing...and like it.
Asking me to prove I'm a human by doing complicated math seems like the WORST way to go about things.
Puzzled Celebrities II
Is this how bees see us all?
Fill the Yahtzee Scorecard
The chances of scoring 1,000 points, throwing at least 8 Yahtzees, is about 1 in 179,000,000.
Picture Click Logic Puzzle III: Circular Grid
Circular logic is the best kind of logic.
Seinfeld Crossword
This quiz is pretty hard, not that there's anything wrong with that.
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