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50 youngest Premier League managers
Name the 50 youngest full-time Premier League managers.
Football in London
On a good (but busy) day, you might be able to stop and take a picture at all these teams' stadiums.
2014 World Cup Stars
Sporcle is ready for the 2014 World Cup. Are you?
Premier League Hat-Tricks by Club
Can you name each of these Premier League clubs last hat-trick scorer in the top flight?
Lions in UEFA Football Logos
Name the European Football Clubs with a Lion in their Crest.
Name our top Premier League assist makers
Can you name our top Premier League assist makers?
Premier League Logic Puzzle
Name the current Premier League football clubs that go in each box, using both trivia and logic.
Premier League Clubs All Time
Of the 42 clubs that have competed in the Premier League, only the best, er...wealthiest four have won the title.
Most PL sub appearances
Can you name 20 players with the most PL sub appearances?
English Football League Clubs by ANY Three Letters
Name the 2018-2019 English and Welsh Football League Clubs by entering three letter sequences.
All-time appearance-makers every Premier League club
Name the top five Premier League appearance-makers for every current PL club.
Premier League Goal Scorers
My intimate knowledge of the NFL did me almost no good here.
Premier League Assists
Name the Premier League players with the most assists.
Premier League Midfielder Trivia
Can you answer the Premier League questions using only the players Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, Ryan Giggs and Cesc Fabregas?
Premier League winner, managed in England
Name the Premier League winners who have managed in England's top four leagues.
Premier League Sorting Gallery
Are you ready for some football?
Most Premier League goals in 2018
Name the players with 5+ Premier League goals in 2018.
Premier League 100 Goals
Only 13 players have scored 100 Premier League goals. There's a pretty good chance David Beckham, with only 61 and now in America, won't make this list.
Newcastle's top 30 PL goalscorers
Can you nameNewcastle's top 30 goalscorers in Premier League history?
Liverpool XI's : 2010's
Name the Liverpool XI's : 2010's.
English Football Clubs
We hope you do well enough on this quiz to avoid being relegated.
Premier League Winners' First XI
It's good to know who your starters are.
Most PL clean sheets
Name the top 25 goalkeepers with the most Premier League clean sheets.
Soccer Players Venn Diagram
We hope you get a kick out of this quiz.
Premier League Teams Never Relegated
No matter hard how others try, they just can't get rid of these EPL teams.
50 highest passers in 2018/19 Premier League
Name the 50 highest passers in the 2018/19 Premier League.
Anyone but Arsène Wenger
To be fair, most people aren't Arsène Wenger.
2017/18 EPL Clubs, Managers, Captains and Top Scorers
Name the 2017/18 Premier League clubs, their managers, club captains and top scorers.
30 Ballon d'Or 2018 nominees
Name the 30 Ballon d'Or 2018 nominees.
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