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Premiership Goal Scorers (A-Z)
It's very clear to us that players with a last name beginning with 'X' need to step up their game.
Fulham EPL Scorers (2010-)
Name the players to have scored for Fulham in the Premier League since the start of the 2010-11 season.
Top 5 European Leagues 20/21
Name the teams in the top 5 European leagues for the 2020/21 season.
Premier League Everton's Top Scorers
One of Everton's nicknames is 'The Toffeemen' which doesn't sound like a group who would play sports at all.
Biggest Premier League increases in value 2019/20
Name the Premier League players with the biggest increases in value 2019/20.
Premier Premier League Teams
These teams are the best of the best.
2019-20 English Football League Clubs
Name the 2019-2020 English and Welsh Football League Clubs? (read 'how to play' for more details).
Premier League Stadium Match
In the USA, the pitch is for an entirely different sport.
Premier League: Finished Above Everton
Can you quickly name every Premier League team that has finished above Everton?
Premier League Winners (Redux)
As these teams know, the second win is always sweeter than the first.
Football League XIs: Arsenal
Name the Football League XIs: Arsenal (1996-).
Never Played in the Premier League
There's hope for these teams yet.
Most league titles in Europe
Name the football clubs with the most league titles across all UEFA leagues.
Premier League top appearance makers by nation A-M
Name the top Premier League appearance makers by nation A-M.
Best Premier League Debuts
Name the players who scored 2 or more goals on their Premier League Debuts.
Premier League Top Scorers By Smile
Name the Premier League top scorers only by seeing their smile.
Premier League: Finished Above Liverpool
Can you quickly name every Premier League team that has finished above Liverpool?
'L' Game
Leapin Lizards!!! It's the L game!
Liverpool players with 5+ goals in a season
Can you name every Liverpool player with 5+ goals in a season since 2000?*
Soccer Players Venn Diagram II
Can you click the most accurate section of the Venn diagram* for each soccer player?
Premier League quiz
Name every team to have played in the Premier League
Premier League Team by Graph
Graphical analysis, meet the Premier League.
60 Second Blitz: English Premier League Teams
This may be the quickest way to earn your Alan Shearer badge. Or, you know, review the EPL teams.
Les plus grosses ventes de l'Ecosse vers l'étranger
Saurez-vous retrouver les joueurs les plus chers vendus par des clubs écossais ?
Chelsea players with 5+ goals in a season
Can you name every Chelsea player with 5+ goals in a season since 2000?*
Who's That Holding the Premier League Trophy?
Probably someone who was good enough to get the trophy? Just a thought.
England's 2018 World Cup Squad
*insert joke about afternoon tea*
Which Soccer League?
We're not sure which league it is, but you can just kick a soccer ball around and see what happens.
Click the Vintage Premier League Logos
Can you identify the current teams of the Premier League by their former logos?
Premier League Nationalities: Europe
Just a well-spirited game about the game of footy.
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