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Relegated Premier League Clubs
Can you name every club to have been relegated from the Premier League?
Never made the Premier League top six - MINEFIELD
Pick the Premier League teams who have never finished in the top six - without hitting any wrong answers.
Soccer: Up-And-Down English Teams
These teams just can't hold still.
Football League XIs: Arsenal
Name the Football League XIs: Arsenal (1996-).
Soccer Traitors
For Americans, this is like someone going from the Red Sox to the Yankees.
Top 20 Most Expensive Chelsea Signings
Name the most expensive transfer fees ever paid for a player by Chelsea.
Football League XIs: Chelsea
Name the Football League XIs: Chelsea (1996-).
Premier League own goals
Name the teams with the most Premier League own goals.
Premier League: last five managers by team
Name the last five managers of each team competing in the English Premier League in the 2019/20 season.
Most Goals Scored for EPL-Winning Teams
You know I'm always a soccer for a good pun.
Liverpool's 50 biggest transfer fees
Can you name Liverpool's 50 biggest ever signings?
Premier League Scorers by Continent
The Premier League needs more players from Zealandia.
Players to score 20+ PL goals in a season
Can you name every player to have scored 20+ PL goals in a season?
England's 2018 World Cup Squad
*insert joke about afternoon tea*
Premier League XIs (2010-11)
That's why they call it the Premier League.
English Football Champion Cities
When a quiz is this good, you know it's a keeper.
Premier league captains
Can you name all the Premier League captains to lift the premier league trophy?
Losing Finalists
Close, but no cigar.
Premier League Logic Puzzle
Name the current or former Premier League football clubs that go in each cell, using both trivia and logic.
Premier League Nationalities: Europe
Just a well-spirited game about the game of footy.
Premier League Champions League Winners
Name the Champions League Winners currently playing in the Premier League.
Football League XIs: Tottenham Hotspur
Name the Football League XIs: Tottenham Hotspur (1996-).
Premier League Players: Ten Seasons Apart
A decade later, and these guys are still kicking.
Consistent Premier League winners
Name these outfield players to play every minute of the season for a Premier League title-winning side.
Premier League Winners: Top Scorers
Name the top 3 Premier League scorers* for each winning team.
Most Premier League Goals and Assists by Season
You won't want to pass on this.
Premier League Team by Graph II
Premier League and graphs - Is there a better combination?
Premier League: Top 10 Finishers
Name the teams that have finished in the top 10 in the English Premiership since it began.
Premier League XIs (2012-13)
Is it too soon to start looking back at the 2012-13 Premier League campaign? We don't think so.
Quick Pick: Sports Organizations
Pick the sport for each organization.
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