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Premier League: Most Expensive XIs
You be the judge whether the money is worth it in the end.
Premier League Every Goal Scorer (Liverpool)
Are Premier League goals classified as premier goals or are they just goals?
Premier League Teams by Any Word (On a Map)
This quiz gets a lot harder if you don't know that many teams.
Premier League: 100 Best Players
So, who deserved a spot in this list but didn't get one?
Premier League Managers (2000-)
If you want to have a long and healthy career, you might want to forget about managing an EPL team.
Top 10 incoming transfers ever per club: Premier League
Name the Top 10 incoming transfers ever per club: Premier League.
Premier League 2019-20 stats holders
Name the Premier League 2019-20 stats holders.
Chelsea 2019-20
Name the Chelsea 2019-20 squad.
European Soccer Founders
Name the clubs that participated in the first season of each of the top 6 european leagues.
Premier League top assisters
Name the top 20 assist providers Premier League history.
Top Premier League Scorers from Outside of Europe
Now this is something to write home about.
Premier League: Finished Above Manchester United
Can you quickly name every Premier League team that has finished above Manchester United?
Les meilleurs buteurs de la Premier League
Saurez-vous nommer les meilleurs buteurs de chaque saison en Premier League?
Premier League Golden Boot Winners
Can you name every winner of the Premier League Golden Boot?
Premier League Hat-Trick Minefield (2011-12)
We just have to assume you get a free hat every time you get a hat-trick.
English Football Champions Minefield
Football is a word that has very different meanings depending which side of the pond you’re on.
Premier League Goalkeepers
It must be hard to be a player on this list, they never get to achieve any of their goals.
Played For Both: Manchester United and Everton
Name the Football (Soccer) Players who appeared for both Manchester United and Everton during their careers.
Top Premier League Scorers (2010s)
In any other sport, these numbers would be much higher.
English Premier League Champions
For true EPL fans, this quiz will be a walk in the...pitch?
Premier League Top Scorers by Club 2019/20
Name the top 3 goalscorers in the Premier League for each club during the 2019/20 season.
EPL Goalkeeper Squad Numbers 2019-20
Name the EPL Goalkeeper Squad Numbers 2019-20.
Euro 2016 Star Players
Can you answer the questions about the following players and win the Euro 2016 stars quiz?
Top Six in Premier League
This one's a keeper.
Germans with most appearances in Premier League
Name the Germans with the most appearances in Premier League.
2010s Premier League Table
Can you name every team who scored Premier League points throughout the 2010s?
Premier League Relegated Clubs
These teams had to say goodbye.
Over 200 Premier League Goals and Assists
Top Premier League goalscorers per season
Name the top Premier League goalscorer from season.
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