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Soccer: English Top 5 by Decade
Even if you only know a few teams, you'll still probably get a kick out of this.
Premier League Appearances (Arsenal)
Any true Gooner will know this quiz backwards and forwards.
Name every Premier League manager
Name every Premier League manager
2000s England Forwards
Hopefully we're not being too forward with this.
Youngest EPL Players with 50 Goals
Fresh-faced lads kicking things, that's what we like about this quiz.
60 Second Blitz: English Premier League Teams
This may be the quickest way to earn your Alan Shearer badge. Or, you know, review the EPL teams.
Premier League: Consistent Goal-Scorers
These are guys you want on your team.
Top Premier League Scorers from Outside of Europe
Now this is something to write home about.
Over 200 Premier League Goals and Assists
Premier League relegation
Can you name every Premier League team that's never been relegated from the top flight without getting one wrong?
Premier League: Middle of the Road Teams
These poor teams just can't rise above the pitch.
Top Six in Premier League
This one's a keeper.
Premier League: Most Goals in a Season
These plays know how to set high goals...and achieve them.
Most Premier League Goals in a Calendar Year
We wonder what these players do to kick it in their free time?
Re-Promoted Premier League Clubs
These teams didn't let relegation get them down.
Liverpool number 9s
Name the Liverpool number 9s
Premier League Goalscorers by Surname Length
If you have an extra long name, do you get an extra large jersey?
Premier League Golden Boot
Seems like it would be hard to kick with all that gold on your foot.
Premier League Top Scorers
Name the 20 all-time leading Premier League goalscorers.
Premier League 2013/14 Logic Puzzle
Name the Champions League (C), Europa League (E), Mid-Table (M) and Relegated (R) clubs in the logic puzzle.
Premier League PFA Players OTY
It's perhaps no surprise that about half the players of the year in English football...are English.
Almost Premier League
Missed it by that much.
Premier League Teams 7+ Goals
Swindon just missed this list buy a hair.
Premier League Logic Puzzle
Name the finishing positions of each team in order using the clues.
Premier League Stadium Match
In the USA, the pitch is for an entirely different sport.
One Word EPL Teams
If you're a fan of soccer, you'll probably get a kick out of this quiz.
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