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Premier League Record Transfers Per Season
Can you identify the record transfer for every season of the Premier League?
2014 World Cup Stars
Sporcle is ready for the 2014 World Cup. Are you?
Premier League: Top Five Top Scorer per Year
These are the premier players of the Premier League.
Soccer: English Top 5 by decade
Can you name, for each decade, the top 5 clubs of the combined English top flight table?
Premier League top scorers 2007/08
Name the Premier League top scorers for the 2007/08 season.
World's Most Expensive Transfers by Age
Name the World's Most Expensive Transfers by Age.
Name every PL club’s top scorer over past 3 seasons
Can you name every Premier League club’s top scorer over the past three seasons?
The top scorers in the 92/93 Premier League season
Can you name each club's top scorer in the 1992/93 Premier League season?
20 Players With Most Red Cards In EPL History
Name the 20 Players With Most Red Cards In Premier League History.
Every Brazilian To Have Played For A Top 6 PL Club
Name the Every Brazilian To Have Played For A Top 6 PL Club.
European Team of the Season 2016/17
Name the Team of the Season for each of Europe's top 5 leagues in 2016/17.
Premier League : Top 5 Team XIs - 2015-2019
Name the Premier League : Top 5 Team XIs - 2015-2019.
Euro 2016 Star Players
Can you answer the questions about the following players and win the Euro 2016 stars quiz?
Premier League: Top 5 Finishes Minefield
High fives all around to anyone that can get these all.
Premier League Clubs All Time
Of the 42 clubs that have competed in the Premier League, only the best, er...wealthiest four have won the title.
Premier League Goal Scorers
My intimate knowledge of the NFL did me almost no good here.
Premier League Sorting Gallery
Are you ready for some football?
100 highest Premier League transfers
Name the 100 most expensive Premier League transfers ever.
Name Every Liverpool Player To Have Played Under Klopp
Can you name every Liverpool player to have played under Jürgen Klopp in a competitive match?
Over 200 Premier League Goals and Assists
Soccer: English Top-Flight Regulars Minefield
Can you pick, among the English football champions, those that have spent the majority of their existence* in the top flight, without picking any that have not?
Top Premier League Scorers Since 2010
In any other sport, these numbers would be much higher.
Quick Pick: World Cup Final Scorers
Can you quickly pick which of the following players have scored in a World Cup final whilst avoiding the decoys?
English Football Champions
Football has been popular in England for longer than most people can remember.
2016/17 PL Goalscorers from Every Nation
Name the 2016/17 PL Goalscorers from Every Nation.
Premier Premier League Teams
These teams are the best of the best.
Premier League Hat-Trick Minefield (2011-12)
We just have to assume you get a free hat every time you get a hat-trick.
English Football Clubs
We hope you do well enough on this quiz to avoid being relegated.
Premier League Clubs' Last 5 Managers
Pump your fist for greater job security!
Premier League: Most Expensive XIs
You be the judge whether the money is worth it in the end.
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