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US States by Largest City (Clickable)
Pick the US states by their largest city? (See game notes.).
One-Clue Crossword-Most Populous Countries
Complete this crossword with only one clue provided? Read HtP..
US States on an Electoral College Cartogram
Can you find the US states* on this cartogram map which is based on the states' Electoral College votes?
4-to-1 Blitz: Geography
Can you quickly match each answer to the group in which it belongs?
Above and Under: Countries by Population
Can you name any country within 5 ranks ahead or behind the given country by population? The closer the better!
Most Populous Countries by Letter (A-Z)
Can you choose the most populous country for each given letter?
Demography: Australia or not?
We're talking about human demography, not kangaroo demography.
Countries with the most Indonesian Diaspora
Indonesians get around the world!
100 Largest Cities of the 21-30 Most Populous Countries
If you think this is difficult, try '100 SMALLEST Cities'. That would be a whole different league of challenging.
Populous Oceania Armageddon!
It's alright, we'll just shoot a bunch of miners into space, or something.
African Countries with Under 10M Residents
Unfortunately Bir Tawil doesn't have recognition as a country - yet.
Get the Picture: Canada & Australia by Category
Pick the correct country for each of these questions.
Higher Or Lower Population: Alphabetical Asia
Can you work out if each Asian country has a higher or lower population than the previous one, going through all Asian countries alphabetically? Type 'Go' to begin
5-to-1 Albania
Pick the 5-to-1 Albania.
What's More Populous
Can you pick which geographic area is more populous? *SEE NOTE*
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Geography II
No, you can't just sort everything into the category "Earth."
European People Groups
Can you click the area of Europe where the given people group, which does not have its own independent country, is mainly located?
Asian Populations Bunker
We're not sure if we could make a bunker that would fit "all of Asia," so this might be the closest we'll get.
Oceanian Country Population Highs and Lows
Can you click an Oceanian country in the higher half of Oceanian countries by population then a country in the lower half, than repeat until you get them all or get one wrong?
Which is most populous? US States & European Countries
Can you choose the most populous among these US States and European Countries
Largest Cities on Each Sea
Apparently, there are more than seven seas. We've been lied to.
European Country Population Highs and Lows
We have highs and we have lows, but what about our population plateaus?
Most Populous 5-Letter Cities
Lots of people, not a lot of letters.
Most Populous Bordering Country
For each country, can you select the country that borders it with the highest population?
Country populations ladder
Climb the ladder.
France Population Map Crawl
Pick the most populous French regions in a chain? See How to Play..
What is this map?
Maybe it's a treasure map!
US Largest Cities (Coordinate Grid)
Pick the correct rectangle of the conterminous United States coordinate grid in which each of these cities is the most populous.
Populous South America Armageddon!
*Actual armageddon not included.
Top 4 Cities Minus 1
Name the country based on its 2nd, 3rd, and 4th most populous cities.
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