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Click the Fast Food Logos
As if trying to pick a restaurant everyone can agree on isn't hard enough...
Top 10 US States for Tourism
Can you click on the Top 10 states for tourism (based on number of visitors) on a map?
Word Ladder: 2013 Baby Girl Names
Name the four-letter words in this ladder based on the top 100 US baby girls' names of 2013.
Foods That Are Red
We would have included Red Vines, but we're not entirely sure that they're a food.
Brand Logo by Necklace
Pick the necklace which was inspired by each brand.
Click the Hero Logos
Consider yourself a hero if you ace this quiz.
Foods That Are Orange
Whatever you do, don't try rhyming any of these foods.
Presidential Popular Vote
Some of these guys were popular enough to win, they just chose the wrong year to run.
Foods That Are Green
If you're afraid of vegetables, you might want to steer clear of this one.
► TV Shows Missing 'R' Words
Name the 'R' words missing from these TV show posters and covers.
TV Shows Missing 'A' Words
These shows are missing some words, it's up to you to find them!
One-Letter Logos (A-Z)
You know you're popular if people can recognize you by just one letter.
Foods That Are White
Some of these foods may look bland, but they're delicious!
British Chocolate Bars!
Name the British chocolate bar or item shown in each image.
Baby Names: 'M' Girl Names by Decade
Apparently Morla and Merlene are not as popular names as we thought.
finish the popular song lyrics 2017
Pick the finish the popular song lyrics 2017.
Baby Names: Boys (1970s)
OK, raise your hand if you were named after a character in American Graffiti.
Baby Names: Girl (1990s)
Hint: Try your own name, or perhaps your sister's.
Baby Names: 'S' Girl Names by Decade
Thank your lucky stars that Saoirse isn't a more popular name.
► Video Games Missing 'A' Words
Name the 'A' words missing from these video game covers.
4x4 Grid Match: Miscellaneous
Boy, would a Sporcle globe hood ornament look flashy.
Baby Names: Girls (1940s)
No Destiny, No Jasmine...makes you wonder what an unusual baby name was in the 40s.
Top 300 Baby Boy Names (2015)
So this is what the kids are being called these days?
Top 50* Most Popular Anime
How many popular anime series can you name? (with hints)
2000s Lyric Match II
In the 2000's, nobody cared about spelling in song titles because they were all on Myspace or whatever.
2000s Lyric Match
Any decade is a good time to be popular.
Dog Breeds by Puppies
A quiz filled with pictures of puppies? This might be the end of the Internet as we know it.
Country Russian Roulette
Good luck to the first person who makes an 'In Soviet Russia...' joke.
Vowel-Beginning Baby Names (2015)
You just don't see that many babies named Ulysses anymore.
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