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Names with 'The' II
Is it a name or a title?
Would They Rather?
It's time to get into the minds of the people.
Missing Word: Movie Subtitles A-Z
Name the A-Z missing words in the subtitles of these movies.
Books Missing 'I' Words
It's tough to write a book and never use the first person.
MAD About TV
Don't get MAD. Get Sporcled!
Harry Potter Baby Names (2018)
Pick the names from the Harry Potter franchise that made the 2018 U.S. Top 1000 List.
Celebrity Picture Click: Bible Version
When given a book of the Bible, can you correctly click each celebrity it corresponds to? See Game Note for Details.
Baby Boy Name Blitz
You'll need to rush in this quiz, but please take your time when naming your own child.
Missing Word: Shots
Please quiz responsibly.
TV Shows Missing 'H' Words
How in the heck does a show lose a word?
Missing Word: 4-Letter Words in US Albums
Name the missing four letter words from these US studio albums.
Top 25 Baby Names in Movies: Girls
Did "Hermione" make the cut?
Match the Cocktail
Match the two parts of the names of a well known cocktail.
Resurrected Products*: Picture Click
When given the name of the company that makes each product, can you select the correct product which was discontinued, only to be resurrected*?
KA-KZ People
Name these famous people who have initials from KA-KZ.
Pixar Characters by Description
They've got nothing on Mike Wazowski.
Slightly Off T-Shirts
Well, at least we're pretty sure that shirt came from the '90s.
Most-Followed Artists on Spotify
Name the artists that have the most followers on Spotify when given the thumbnails of their playlists.
Books Missing 'H' Words
Imagine trying to read an entire book with all the H words missing.
Movies Missing 'D' Words
D's are the only words that matter.
10 to 1: Around the House
Get your house in order.
Spotify's First 25 Songs to Reach 1 Billion
You'll be singing these all day now!
Get the Picture: Celebrities in Song
Can you choose whether each celebrity is mentioned in the lyrics of 'We Didn't Start the Fire' (Billy Joel) or 'Vogue' (Madonna)?
10 to 1: Children's Books
Say hello to your inner child again.
Wikipedia Disambiguation pages - C
Can you choose which is the most important meanings of these words according to Wikipedia? (see game notes)
TV Shows Missing 'G' Words
Looks like you'll find the missing words over that way.
Pick the Movie Title Character II
Not quite easy as Pi.
Baby Girl Name Blitz
For each letter of the alphabet, can you provide any name that made the Social Security Administration's list of the top 100 names given to newborn females from 1918 to 2017?
Missing Word: 3-Letter Words in Band Names
Name the missing three letter words to complete these band names.
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