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-lphabetized: U.S. Politicians
For each question below, can you select which U.S. politician would be in the alphabetical rank listed if its first letter had not been removed?
Elizabeth II with Her Prime Ministers
Long live the queen. Literally.
Get The Picture: Which Clinton?
Can you determine which Clinton each of the 'facts' below applies to?
US Presidents Templates
It's time to build some presidents.
Republican U.S. President Click
Pick the Republican Presidents without clicking the ones associated with other parties? .
History in Color II
Name the historical figures seen in these colorized photos.
Sports Figures with a Presidential Medal of Freedom
Name these sports figures that have been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
National Days
Can you fill the countries, based on their National Days?
Profile: Harry Truman
135 years ago today, President Truman was born.
Get the Picture: Obama vs. Trump
Can you choose whether each fact refers to Barack Obama or Donald Trump?
Official Languages UN
An official crossword.
Happened To Happen on a Holiday!
Can you choose the correct answer to these trivia questions about notable events that happened to happen on holidays?
Missing Word: This Day in History (May)
Name the missing words relating to these historic May dates.
10 to 1: 2018 Historical Anniversaries
Pick the (historical) events that celebrated their anniversary in 2018.
20th Century History: May
Just to be clear, the month of May existed in other centuries as well.
Click the Cartoon Mayor
Can you click each cartoon Mayor by their name?
Quick Pick: Over 400 Electoral College Votes
Pick the people who have gotten over 400 electoral college votes for president in their life whilst avoiding the decoys.
Black the Block: History
Just don't use a sharpie on your computer screen to fill in the blocks.
What Happened to That Person?
This quiz is like a weird historical high school reunion.
C the U.S. President
Can you choose the correct U.S. President whose surname begins with the letter C for each question?
US Presidents Venn Diagram
Complete this Venn diagram based on these US Presidents.
Get the Picture: Declaration or Constitution
Can you pick whether each of the given is a true statement about the Declaration of Independence or the US Constitution?
Who is Their Biggest Arms Supplier?
Given a country, can you name the nation that sells it the most arms?
Winston Churchill 1874-1931
Pick the correct names, places events etc during the life of Winston Churchill 1874-1931.
Quick Pick: Happened in 2016
Pick the events that happened in 2016 whilst avoiding the decoys.
Alphabetical Jumbles: Presidents
For each set of Presidents of the United States, can you select the one that comes first alphabetically when the letters are unscrambled into their proper order?
Picture Click Grab Bag: History
Pick the correct items in each era as prompted.
Quick Pick: Dictators
Can you quickly pick the dictator from each country given?
US Presidents by Middle Names at Birth
You know you're destined for greatness if you're given a middle name like Gamaliel, Milhous, or Birchard.
Government types by country
Name the Government types by country.
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