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Without Sporcle: Gaming
Sporcle depends upon games, but does it work the other way around?
Pokémon: Eeveelutions (Picture Click)
Can you pick Eevee and its evolutions in Pokémon?
Flying Pokémon (Gen. 1) (Picture Click)
Pick the secondary Flying-type Pokémon from the first generation*.
Clickable Mega Evolutions
Can you pick only the Pokémon which have mega evolutions?
Pokémon by Lego V
Name the Pokémons depicted by each Lego model.
Quick Pick: Pokémon Endings
Pick the Poké-suffix that goes with each set of clues to create the names of Gen. 1 Pokemon.
Pokémon Scavenger Hunt - Johto [Picture Click]
Can you identify the locations where the following things can be found in Johto? (Gold/Silver)
Paint by Trivia: Pokémon
Can you paint a picture by answering trivia? Each correct answer will add another piece to the image on the canvas.
Odd One Out: Pokémon (Gen. 2)
Can you choose which Pokémon does not belong by type?
5 by 5 Pokémon by Type
So... 25 Pokemon by type?
Who's That Gen. I Pokémon? (A-Z)
Name the Generation I Pokémon by its silhouette in alphabetical order.
Water Pokémon (Gen. 7) (Picture Click)
Can you click the Water-type Pokémon from the seventh generation (either purely or as part of a dual-type)? [Pokémon are typed according to their appearance.]
Pokémon by Literal Image
Name the 1st-generation Pokémon by these literal interpretations of their names.
The Only Letter: Pokémon
Can you click the only letter that will fill in the blank to create a Pokémon name?
Gen I 'A' Pokémon (Map)
Name the Pokémon from Generation I whose names begin with the letter 'A'.
Gen 4 Pokémontage
Name the Pokémon from Generation 4 from their specific images.
Pokémon Types by Any Pokémon (Gen. II)
It's generation II, so you know this is going to separate the Pokémon masters from the trainers.
Super Smash Bros. Character by Necklace
Pick the necklace that was inspired by each playable character from the Super Smash Bros. series.
Click the 'A' Pokémon
Pick the Pokémon that start with the letter 'A'.
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz: Pokémon
Can you sort the Pokémon related terms into their categories before time runs out?
Pokémon Color Sorting Blitz I
Can you sort (i.e. click in order) the following Pokémon in the repeated order Red, Green, Blue, Green without getting one wrong?
Pokémon: Gotta Match 'Em All
To match them all is your true test; to quiz them is your cause.
Pokémon movies by tagline
What ever happened to "catch 'em all?"
Quick Pick: Pokémon Beginnings
Pick the Poké-prefix that goes with each set of clues to create the names of Gen. 1 Pokemon.
Animal Inspired Pokémon
And here we thought Pokémon were real...
Letter Pyramid - Original 151 Pokemon
Build each level of the pyramid by naming an original Pokemon with the same number of letters as bricks in that level of the pyramid. (See How to Play)
Pokémon by Lego IV
Name the Pokémons depicted by each Lego model.
7-to-1 Generation 2 Pokémon
Pick the correct Pokémon of certain types? (7-to-1).
Pokémon Containing 'X' (Gen I)
Name the Pokémon from Gen I containing the letter 'X'.
Trivia Pyramid: Gaming
Tomb Raider showed us that pyramids and gaming go quite well together.
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