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O Captain! My Captain!
No, this quiz is not about Derek Jeter.
Shakespeare's Garden
Who knew that Shakespeare had such a green thumb?
In Plain English: Twelfth Night
If Shakespeare made us breakfast, we'd ask for a Hamlet.
Literature Subcategory 'B'
Most books have a least a few Bs.
This or That: Literary Cats
Who taught this cat how to read?
Find Five: 18th Century Things
Pick the five things from each category in the period 1701-1800.
Word Ladder: Shakespeare & The Beatles
Name the 3-letter words in this ladder, containing contractions from Works of Shakespeare & The Beatles.
Literature Subcategory 'C'
Let's 'C' where we can go when we crack open some books!
AQA Power and Conflict Poetry Quotes
Pick the correct Poem for each quote.
Haiku Multiple Choice: The Simpsons
Journey to Springfield
With some amusing haikus.
A wrong answer? D'oh!
Gimme Five: Literature II
Name the five answers to each of these questions.
Without Sporcle: Literature
But can we have Literature WITH Sporcle too?
Poet By First Line
Thank goodness poets have a unique style.
Shakespeare Sonnet First Words
You can't handle the sonnets!
'A' in Shakespeare
An A in Shakespeare will get you an A in any English class we know.
Literary Works by Apron
Let's get in the kitchen and cook that roast beast.
Missing Word: Poetry
Name the words missing from these famous poems.
Poets by Two Poems
Two poems converged in a clickable quiz...
Missing Word: Poets & Playwrights (A-Z)
Name the alphabetically-ordered missing names for these playwrights or poets (A-Z)*.
Shel Silverstein or Edgar Allan Poe?
The Giving Tree is actually pretty macabre, after all.
'Dulce et Decorum Est' Quiz
Despite the title, this poem was actually not written in Latin.
'Casey at the Bat' (Final Stanza)
We can't think of a better poem about baseball.
Hidden Initials: Author's Great Works
There's no hiding these authors' talents.
Literary Jumbles II
We don't recommend keeping your bookshelves jumbled.
Find Five: 17th Century Things
Pick the five things from each category in the period 1601-1700.
The Village Curse: A Quest in Verse
Can you save the village from endless nighttime, all while enjoying a jaunty rhyme?
'Fire and Ice' by Robert Frost
Wait, so Robert Frost didn't write a poem about Game of Thrones?
Click the Night Before Christmas
Are you ready for a visit from St. Nicholas? He's expecting cookies and milk. Maybe a beer.
Missing Word: 18th Century Literature
Name the missing words in these 18th century literary works.
Prepositions in Poem Titles
We assume there are other parts of speech as well.
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