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'Human Family' by Maya Angelou
Name the words to the poem 'Human Family' by Maya Angelou.
Get the Picture: Dylan or Dylan
Can you choose which Dylan answers each question?
Decade by Haiku: 20th Century
Ten poems about
The twentieth century.
Enjoy this fun quiz.
Write Me a Poem 1
Pick the words in order that make the first stanza of a famous poem.
Words after Words
Can you solve the given mixed words to progress to longer ones and uncover a hidden poem?
Haiku Multiple Choice: The Simpsons
Journey to Springfield
With some amusing haikus.
A wrong answer? D'oh!
'A' Poem Starters (Quick Pick)
Pick the words missing from these famous poems.
Which of the Arts 'R'
Pick the correct 'art form' that is mainly connected to the picture.
Rainbow Bridge Poem
Name the words to the Rainbow Bridge Poem.
Doctor Who: The Poem of Zagreus
Name the words to 'The Legend of Zagreus'?, the poem recited in the Doctor Who audio plays 'Neverland' and 'Zagreus.'.
Pixel Art Grid: Shakespeare
Can you answer the William Shakespeare-themed trivia on this pixel trivia grid?
Nursery Rhyme: 'I'm a Little Teapot'
Name the lyrics to the classic nursery rhyme 'I'm a little Teapot'.
Paradise Lost: Satan's Speech
Can you fill in the missing words of Satan's monologue in 'Paradise Lost'?
History by Rhyme II
Give it another three hours and someone's going to turn it into a rap.
Poe or Faux Poe
Pick the authentic lines from Edgar Allan Poe's 'The Raven' while avoiding the fakes.
Get the Picture: Poets by Quote (16th-17th c.)
Pick the poet from whose work each of these excerpts is taken: Spenser, Shakespeare, Sidney, or Donne.
South Park: Cartman's Columbus Day Poem
Name the South Park: Cartman's Columbus Day Poem.
Clueless Letter Lines: Jabberwocky
All answers are words in the poem 'Jabberwocky'. Linked letters are the same.
Classic Poetry Crossword
Name the titles of these poems based on their authors and first lines.
Typing Challenge: The Road Not Taken
Name the words to the poem 'The Road Not Taken' by Robert Frost.
Three Poems
Pick the three poems by each poet.
'Twas the Night Before What?
Pick the correct words to complete the rhyming lines in Clement Clarke Moore's poem: ' 'Twas the Night Before Christmas'? .
'Trees' by Joyce Kilmer
Name the words to the poem 'Trees' by Joyce Kilmer.
A Visit from St. Nicholas Clickable Poem
Complete Clement Clark Moore's classic Christmas poem, A Visit from St. Nicholas.
'Twas the Night Before Christmas...
Can you provide the words from the first four lines of the poem in order to give this image a touch of Christmas?
Click the Night Before Christmas
Are you ready for a visit from St. Nicholas? He's expecting cookies and milk. Maybe a beer.
Picture Click Shel Silverstein: Where the Sidewalk Ends
Match the poem title from Shel Silverstein's Where the Sidewalk Ends with its artwork.
Find Five: 17th Century Things
Pick the five things from each category in the period 1601-1700.
Correct Title of Literary Works
Pick the correct title of these literary works.
Get the Picture: Colorful Authors
Can you choose the author who wrote each book?
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