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Odd One Out - Literature
There's nothing odd about being a bookworm.
Prostitutes in Literature
If you're looking for a thesis for your literature class, comparing character types is a good way to go.
In Plain English: A Midsummer Night's Dream
If there's one thing Shakespeare and The Real World taught us, never trust anyone named 'Puck'.
'Far Over The Misty Mountains Cold' Lyrics
If this song didn't inspire Bilbo to go on an adventure with a troop of dwarves, we don't know what would.
Pick 3 Authors
If you're bored, this might be a decent way to put together a new reading list.
Famous Poems' Last Lines
That way you'll know when they end.
Literary Jumbles
Read fine prank nested. (Speak friend and enter.)
Literature Subcategory 'A'
What 'A' great quiz!
Shakespeare or Taylor Swift
The lady doth shake it off, methinks.
Word Ladder: Iamb Superman
Name the 5-letter words in this word ladder where all of the clues are written in Iambic Pentameter.
Dr. Seuss Books per Letter
Seuss Tip: If you can't figure out how to rhyme a word, just make up a new one.
Types of Poems
If a poem could sneeze, we like to think it would make the sound 'Haiku!!!'
Follow That Line: Poetry
You just might be a poet, even if you don't know it.
Stopping By Woods On a Snowy Evening
This quiz might make you feel a little Frosty.
Complete the Poem... With a Picture
Can you find the pictures that complete the titles of these poems?
Scientists by Haiku
Laws of motion, and DNA, Double Helix, Scientists, Oh My!
...But Is It Shakespeare? II
Honestly, we just want every Shakespeare play remade into movies starring Nicolas Cage.
Missing Word: Authors Around the World
Name the words missing from these works of literature grouped by author's nationality.
Word Ladder: In My Heart
Name the four-letter words in this ladder about a poem by Charles Bukowski.
Haiku Multiple Choice: Languages
Arranged in a quiz,
Multilingual poetry
Now begin clicking!
In Plain English: Much Ado About Nothing
You have stayed me in a quizzical hour.
Poetry or Rock 'N Roll?
When you think about it, aren't they really the same thing?
Haiku Multiple Choice: Animals
Animals are cute
and haikus are amusing.
What more could you want?
Word Ladder: Meet Me in Montauk
Name the answers to the two ladders based on an Alexander Pope quote, which inspired a much loved film.
Incomplete Poetry
I think that I shall never see A poem lovely as a ____.
Disney or Dickinson?
Walt and Emily would be proud.
Click the Poet
They wrote some poems but do you know 'em...s?
The Raven
We have to admit, the only reason we did well on this was because of the original Simpsons Treehouse of Horror.
Poets 7-to-1
Can you match each poet to their country of birth?
Who's Writing Green Eggs and Ham?
It was the greenest of hams, it was the pinkest of hams...
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