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Mega-Sorting Gallery: Literature
Can you sort the 100 Literature items in this 1 to 10 to 1 sorting gallery?
Reverse Alphabet: Literature
For an extra challenge, read the questions in reverse too.
3-D Literature
Dostoevsky has to be the Kyrgyzstan of literature.
Literature Subcategory 'A'
Can you answer a question for each Sporcle Literature Subcategory where every answer starts with 'A'?
Categorize This: Literature
Shhh...There's no talking in the Sporcle library.
Which of the Two... Pieces of Literature
Hopefully you were paying attention in your high school Language Arts class.
Haiku Multiple Choice: Mythology
Try this clever quiz
All about mythology,
But click carefully!
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Literature
May the odds be ever in your favor.
Haiku Multiple Choice: Holidays
Holiday poems
With multiple choice answers
In quiz form for you.
Literary Works by Mug
We aren't here to judge, but odds are good most of these mugs were filled with whisky.
Click the Famous Poets
Click the poet if you know it.
Who Am I? Authors
This is the stuff that was cut from the back-cover author's bio.
In Plain English: Romeo and Juliet
Spoiler alert: Everybody dies.
AQA Power and Conflict Poetry Quotes
Pick the correct Poem for each quote.
Literary Grab Bag
For years we wished they would make books lighter, but now they run out of batteries. You just can't win.
Shakespeare Poem or Taylor Swift Song
Can you choose whether each of these titles are Shakespeare Poems or Taylor Swift Songs?
In Plain English: Shakespeare II
If we read Shakespeare like this in high school, then maybe we'd actually understand his jokes.
The Fewer Clues The Better - Literature Edition
It's time to use your context clues and read between the lines.
Haiku Multiple Choice: Animals
Animals are cute
and haikus are amusing.
What more could you want?
British Lit Match-Up
Just wait, you'll be matching up titles like a rare book dealer.
Tough Choices: Literature Edition
As if literature wasn't tough enough.
True or False: Authors
Would an author by any other name still write great literature?
Movie Death Haikus
Turning a death into a haiku might not make it less painful, but it definitely makes it more entertaining.
Epic Poems and Authors (Easy)
Can you choose the epic poem written by the given author?
Famous Poets
You might be a poet and you don't even know it.
Haiku Multiple Choice: Languages
Arranged in a quiz,
Multilingual poetry
Now begin clicking!
Haiku Multiple Choice: Star Wars
A long time ago
In a quiz far, far away
There were Star Wars jokes.
...But Is It Shakespeare?
Some people aren't even sure if Shakespeare is really Shakespeare.
The Road Not Taken
You could always just cut right through the middle of the two, but that's probably how you get lyme disease.
An Ode to Movie Characters
Can you identify the iconic movie characters from these short poems about them?
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