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Complete the Shakespeare Play... With a Picture
Can you find the pictures that complete the titles of the Shakespearean plays?
2019 NBA All Star Logic Puzzle
Name the 2019 NBA All Stars using the clues? Includes one of the two Coaches. Hit PLAY QUIZ to get your First Clue! (Very Challenging).
Shakespeare Plays
A quiz by any other name will smell as sweet...oh wait!
Greek Theatre - Tragedy Or Comedy?
Can you determine whether these works of Greek theatre are tragedies or comedies?
Trivia Pyramid: Literature
You can make your own pyramids with some creative book stacking.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Literature
May the odds be ever in your favor.
Categorize This: Literature
Shhh...There's no talking in the Sporcle library.
Quick Pick: Shakespeare or Not?
Pick the Shakespeare plays while avoiding the fakes.
In Plain English: Hamlet
To click or not to click...
50 Villains: 50 Books
Villains really take one for the team when it comes to the plot of the story. No one likes them, but they keep life interesting.
Black the Block: Literature
Can you answer each Literature-themed question below to black out the grid and reveal the hidden final answer? (See 'How to Play' for further instructions)
Theater Words in Book Titles
We tried to come up with a theater pun, but it would just be a play on words.
Haikyuu!! Characters by Position
Name the Haikyuu!! Characters by the position they play on their team.
Film or Stage Actor?
We wonder if people say 'break a leg' because every stage and film production has a cast?
Baseball Scoring System
Symbols that you see when you score a baseball game
Playwrights to Plays Shooting Gallery
Match the plays to the correct playwrights in this shooting gallery.
In Plain English: Shakespeare II
If we read Shakespeare like this in high school, then maybe we'd actually understand his jokes.
Murdered by Shakespeare
Apparently, Shakespeare was a bloodthirsty killer.
England Test Cricket Players
There have been 92 Test cricket players who have played for England since 2000. How many can you name?
'G' Entertainment Images
Get with it already!
Wicked Crossword Puzzle
Can you fill the Wicked Crossword Puzzle?
My MCU Rankings
Can you guess my rankings of the MCU Movies? (See How to Play)
Spotify #1 Rap Songs (May 2019)
Name the rapper given their #1 most played song on Spotify (April 2019).
Beatles by Album Cover Location
Pick the correct positioning of (J)ohn, (P)aul, (G)eorge, and (R)ingo on each of the Beatles album covers? (See How to Play).
Test Cricket Countries
For those less versed on the sport of cricket, just be happy this isn't a quiz on the rules.
Sporcling Down Broadway
If Sporcle had a Broadway show, there would be at least 3 songs about Kyrgyzstan.
Anything but Shakespeare's Plays
To Shakespeare, or not to Shakespeare? In this case, it's definitely NOT.
County Cricket: Where Do They Play?
Pick the correct location in England (and Wales) for each County Cricket team.
Team in Common II
If it weren't for free agency, I am not sure this quiz would exist.
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