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NBA's Top 5 of Top 20
For each of the NBA's top twenty all-time leading scorers, can you name the top five players to have the most career points to play at least one game as their teammate?
Triplets - International Soccer Players
Pick the three soccer players who play for each country given.
Played for Both: FA Cup Special
Name the 9 players to play for both United & Spurs, and the 5 to have played for both Saints & Chelsea.
Shakespeare Plays
A quiz by any other name will smell as sweet...oh wait!
Literature Match Chronology
We hope you haven't met your match.
Alphabet Soup (Shakespeare)
Even Shakespeare had to learn his ABCs.
Anything but Shakespeare Plays
Can you avoid choosing the plays written by William Shakespeare, while clicking on all the decoys?
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Literature
May the odds be ever in your favor.
American Playwright (Multiple Choice)
Featuring many of America's most talented writers for the stage.
'G' Entertainment Images
Get with it already!
Letters Minefield: Shakespeare Plays
Happily ever after? Never heard of it.
Shakespeare in Plain English
Finally, someone has given us a fighting chance in understanding Shakespeare.
Are you a true ARMY?
Play this quiz to see whether you're a true army (or not)
FA Cup semi-finalists to play at new Wembley
Name the FA Cup semi-finalists to play at New Wembley.
NBA: Rosters with the Most Career Points
Name the teams whose roster combined for the most career points.
Which of the Two... Pieces of Literature
Hopefully you were paying attention in your high school Language Arts class.
Literary Cakes
Reading has never been so delicious.
England Test Cricket Players
There have been 92 Test cricket players who have played for England since 2000. How many can you name?
Sporcling Down Broadway
A Broadway-themed question for each of Sporcle's quiz categories
Test Cricket Countries
For those less versed on the sport of cricket, just be happy this isn't a quiz on the rules.
Friends Titles: Shakespeare
We'd pay good money to see Joey Tribbiani in a Shakespeare play.
Who Am I? Authors
This is the stuff that was cut from the back-cover author's bio.
Shakespeare Plays by ANY 3 Letters
We're not sure Ol' Bill would approve of this kind of brevity.
Literary Works By Aprons
Name the literary works referenced on these aprons.
Literature Checkpoints
A checkpoint....a all moves the plot along.
Harry Potter & The Cursed Child Characters
If you haven't seen the play or read the script, this is your official spoiler alert.
Literary Anagrams II
Can you name things from all realms of Literature when given these mixed words?
In Plain English: King Lear
It's like, you know, the one with the king who, uh, has three daughters or whatever.
Shakespeare-Inspired Titles
Four hundred years on and the Bard is still a gift that keeps on giving.
Literature FMLs
Think of this as the Cliff Notes for literature in the modern age.
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