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Shakespeare Plays
A quiz by any other name will smell as sweet...oh wait!
Literature FMLs
Think of this as the Cliff Notes for literature in the modern age.
Shakespeare Fill-in-the-Blank
As the bard said, 'When words are scarce they are seldom spent in vain'
Shakespeare Quotes
Shakespeare was a pretty wordy guy, but we can't hold it against him.
Missing Team Blitz II
These teams are missing, but hopefully not forgotten.
Quotes From Classic Literature
There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy...
Test Cricket Countries
For those less versed on the sport of cricket, just be happy this isn't a quiz on the rules.
Alphabet Soup (Shakespeare)
Even Shakespeare had to learn his ABCs.
In Plain English: Shakespeare
Finally, someone has given us a fighting chance in understanding Shakespeare.
Top Ranked World Golfers (2009)
The recently completed WGC Match Play Championship featured these 64 golfers. Oddly, no #1 seed made it past the 2nd round.
Countries in Shakespeare
Christopher Marlowe's ghost is probably very upset that we published this quiz.
Movie by Occupation
The list of unemployed movie characters would be much longer indeed.
Shakespeare Character by Lines
I kept typing Rosencrantz and Guildenstern...I guess they just missed the cut.
Glee Songs (Season 1)
Gleeks unite!
England Test Cricket Players
There have been 92 Test cricket players who have played for England since 2000. How many can you name?
Sports Geographical Misnomers
Who are you calling a misnomer?
50 Villains: 50 Books
Villains really take one for the team when it comes to the plot of the story. No one likes them, but they keep life interesting.
Team in Common II
If it weren't for free agency, I am not sure this quiz would exist.
'G' Entertainment Images
Get with it already!
Movies Based On
First came the book, then came the movie, now comes...the quiz!
Literary Title Slot Machine
We've always liked three word titles the best.
Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock
Somewhat more complicated than the traditional version.
Shakespeare Plays by Character
As the bard once said - If you have tears, prepare to shed them now.
To Be Or Not To Be
Little known fact, Shakespeare was thinking of calling his play Piglet, but decided it was not quite baked enough (thank you I'm here all week).
In Plain English: Romeo and Juliet
Spoiler alert: Everybody dies.
Book Title by Movie
Well, they almost always say that the book was better than the movie...
50 Heroes: 50 Books
It's tough to be a hero when villains get all the good lines.
High School Plays
The show must go on...and on...and on.
Famous Playwrights
Performance art brought to you by these talented playwrights.
Book by Page 61 Excerpt
Why page 61? It just feels right.
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