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Shakespeare Comedy Couples 4-to1-to-4
Pick the couples who appear in each play.
Neil Simon Plays
Pick the Neil Simon plays without picking one that is not.
One-Sentence SparkNotes Summaries 2
Pick the novel, short story, or play based on a very brief (one sentence) plot introduction from SparkNotes.
Literature by Definition: William Shakespeare
These titles don't roll off the tongue so much as stomp on it.
Prepositions in Musicals
Coming to Broadway soon: "Grammar: The Musical!"
10 to 1: Tony Best Play Characters
Pick the characters that belong to each of these Tony winners for Best Play.
Playwrights by play
Name the writers of these plays.
August Wilson's Century Cycle
Name the ten plays that make up August Wilson's Century Cycle.
Shakespeare Families 6-to-1
Pick the answers that fit into each category.
Macbeth First 200 Words
Name another play that starts with witches plotting the main character's demise.
Let's Make Shakespeare Appear!
Look in the mirror and say his name three times really fast.
Reverse Alphabet: Literature
For an extra challenge, read the questions in reverse too.
Literature Match Chronology
We hope you haven't met your match.
Quick Pick: Shakespeare Siblings
Pick the brother or sister of these Shakespeare characters.
In Plain English: King Lear
It's like, you know, the one with the king who, uh, has three daughters or whatever.
Monsters, Inc. Play
Even Shakespeare never wrote a poem as good as this.
Literary Characters: Family Roles
These family trees made their way onto the page.
Missing Word: Pulitzer Prize Winning Drama
Name the words missing from these Pulitzer Prize-winning dramas.
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