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Episode Title References: The Simpsons (Misc.)
Name the original titles or expressions that these Simpsons episodes titles are referencing.
Shakespeare: Name Any Character
A true test of character.
A Logic Puzzle Blitz
Name the sports that each person plays by using the hints.
High School Musical Characters
Name the High School Musical Characters from the actors that play them.
Missing Word: Jack of All Fictions
Name the television shows, movies, novels, stories, and plays in which there is a main character named Jack.
FIFA 100 - Best Players
Name the Players Chosen by Pele as The Best Players in History.
NFL Postseason (1985-Present)
Name the NFL Champions and Postseason Category Leaders (1985-Present).
Word Ladder: Shakespeare Quotations
Name the missing words in these Shakespearean quotations and climb down the word ladder.
play Name the Jessie characters
Name the Jessie Characters.
Tony Best Play
The Tony Awards - the Oscars of live theatre!
Shakespeare Play by Stage Direction
The Bard's stage directions are often just as interesting as his dialogue.
Shakespearean Couples Slot Machine
Shakespeare sure knows how to bring drama to a relationship!
Playwright Marries Character
These are the relationships that really deserve a story!
Marc Antony's Funeral Oration
Nobody does death better than Shakespeare.
Shakespeare's Garden
Who knew that Shakespeare had such a green thumb?
These guys must be awful good at typing.
Shakespeare Character by Lines
I kept typing Rosencrantz and Guildenstern...I guess they just missed the cut.
Shakespeare by III.i
Shakespeare just loved that third act.
Romeo and Juliet Prologue
Romeo and Juliet, two lovers who royally ruined it for each other.
Top 100 capped Scotland football players
Name the 100 Scottish football players to play most games for their country (up until October 2009).
Grey's Anatomy Characters
Name the Grey's Anatomy Characters.
Literary Title Threesomes
We've always liked three word titles the best.
The Madness of Shakespeare
Somebody better calm him down before comes back from the grave.
Main Shakespeare Characters by Play
Hint: Try the title characters first.
'The Simpsons' Voice Artist by Character
What? The Simpsons aren't real people? We could have sworn we heard otherwise.
NFL - 70+ yd rushing plays
Name the last 4 individuals by team to bust out for a run of 70 yards or more from the line of scrimmage.
Games People Play
Name the games people play when given a bit of description.
Famous Playwrights
Performance art brought to you by these talented playwrights.
Shakespeare Plays by Opening Line
This Will fellow sure knew how to get things started!
Sporcle Top 50
The 10 millionth quiz played was Shakespeare Plays by Sporcle user 'michelle'. Please indulge us as we take a moment to reflect by humbly offering the Sporcle Top 50.
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