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Plays in Alphabetical Order
Name the classic plays with all the letters in 'alphabetical order'.
First Word Shakespeare Plays
Here's your chance to be the Bard for a day.
Not Quite Shakespeare
From the plot, can you guess the title of these new plays, differing from a traditional Shakespeare play by 1 letter? (see game note)
Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, or Macbeth?
Pick the tragedy that fits the description.
Tony-Winning Plays by Any 3 Letters
Name the winners of the Tony Award for Best Play by entering three-letter sequences.
Ruined By A Letter: More Literature
Yeah, we can see how some rogue letters might ruin a book.
Crypto-Crossword: Game Night
Can you fill in the crossword puzzle with popular games (board, card, etc.) by cracking the cryptogram code in the clues?
Missing Word: English Renaissance Drama
Can you guess the missing word to complete the titles of these plays?
Criteria Quiz: Stage Plays
Pick the Criteria Quiz: Stage Plays.
Venn Diagram - Shakespeare and Friends
Pick the correct section of the Venn diagram for each of these plays by Shakespeare, Kit Marlowe or Ben Jonson? (see note).
Clueless Letter Lines: Shakespeare Titles
All words are Shakespeare titles. Linked letters are the same.
Shakespeare Most Lines
'A quiz by any other name would play as sweet...'
Find Five: Plays
Pick the five plays by each of these playwrights.
Shakespeare's Plays by Letter Blitz
Can you name ANY of William Shakespeare's plays that start with each letter of the alphabet, so that entering one correct answer triggers the rest?
Author By Three Works: Plays
Match the author to their three given plays.
Literary Middle M
Name the Middle M answers from the world of literature.
Shakespeare for Sports Fans
Name the Big Four sports team that matches each hint (and also fills in the Shakespeare quote).
Get the Picture: Lloyd Webber or Sondheim?
Can you choose whether the music for each of the musicals was composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber or Stephen Sondheim?
Literary Jumbles II
We don't recommend keeping your bookshelves jumbled.
Question Hunter: Literature
Can you find (but NOT click) literature-related questions, then click on the answers while avoiding the decoys?
Famous Plays and Playwrights
Name the playwrights given examples of their works.
Hollywood Squares
Let's make celebrities sit in tiny cubes for our amusement.
Four Letter Shakespeare
You're probably cool with 4-letter words if your nickname is the Bard of Avon.
Complete the Play Title: Image Multiple Choice
Can you correctly pick each image that completes the title of a well-known play?
Literature Subcategory 'C'
Let's 'C' where we can go when we crack open some books!
Complete The Quote With A Literature Title (Part 2)
Pick the poem/novel/play title which completes the given literary quote.
7-1: Plays by Playwright
Pick the plays written by each playwright in this seven-to-one sorting gallery.
Shakespeare Plays by Cake
Name the Shakespeare play represented in each of the given cakes.
Tony Award for Best Play Minefield (2000's)
Can you click the shows that won the Tony Award for Best Play (2000-2009) without clicking one that didn't?
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Characters
If your dad is Harry Potter your life can't be that bad.
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