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FIFA 19 Top Players by Nation
Name the 10 highest rated players in FIFA 19 who play for the following nations.
Word Ladder: Tony Best Play
Name the 4-letter words and complete the titles of Tony Award winners for Best Play in this themed word ladder? .
Disguised Definitions
These words are going under cover.
Literature Subcategory 'C'
Can you answer a question for each Sporcle Literature Subcategory where every answer starts with 'C'?
Literary Grab Bag
For years we wished they would make books lighter, but now they run out of batteries. You just can't win.
Beatles by Album Cover Location
Pick the correct positioning of (J)ohn, (P)aul, (G)eorge, and (R)ingo on each of the Beatles album covers? (See How to Play).
Sporcling Down Broadway
If Sporcle had a Broadway show, there would be at least 3 songs about Kyrgyzstan.
No Hint Sorting Gallery: Music
Pick the answers to this sorting gallery without any hints? (See How to Play for more details.).
Theater Words in Book Titles
We tried to come up with a theater pun, but it would just be a play on words.
Slipknot Top 20 Songs
Name the 20 Slipknot songs with the most Spotify plays as of July 2019.
MLB Opening Day Trivia
Baseball is back, quick buy some stock in peanut farms!
Books in Need of a Job!
Don't give up your day job.
Hollywood Squares V
Pick the stars and the movies that each adjacent pair costarred in? (Click How to Play).
Shakespeare Venn Diagram
Can you click the most accurate section of the Venn diagram* for each Shakespeare play?
American Playwright (Multiple Choice)
Featuring many of America's most talented writers for the stage.
NBA Active Points Per Game Leaders Every Year
Name the NBA career points per game leader for every season since 1953
Shakespearean Lovers
'Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind' - so think really hard about this quiz and love it!
Harry Potter & The Cursed Child Characters
If you haven't seen the play or read the script, this is your official spoiler alert.
Literary Jumbles II
Can you name things from all realms of Literature when given these jumbles?
Bible or Shakespeare Character?
Both gave us many phrases we still use today.
Literature of the First World War
Can you fill in the blank on the work of literature about World War I?
Top Ranked World Golfers (2009)
The recently completed WGC Match Play Championship featured these 64 golfers. Oddly, no #1 seed made it past the 2nd round.
Which TV Cartoon Family?
I bet these family reunions are pretty darn animated.
Quick Pick: Shakespeare Plays
Can you quickly pick the missing part of each Shakespeare play?
Swap a Word: Books
We'd read some of these.
Wall of Shakespeare
Pick the right pictures* to complete the quotes from 4 plays of William Shakespeare.
Monsters, Inc. Play
Even Shakespeare never wrote a poem as good as this.
(EM) King Edward VI: Historically Speaking
Can you answer the questions about the reign of Edward VI?
Longest-Running Broadway Shows by Letter
You have to think their voices would get tired at some point.
Shakespeare On Stage
To play this quiz, or not to play this quiz? Is that even a question?
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