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Shakespeare Character by Lines
I kept typing Rosencrantz and Guildenstern...I guess they just missed the cut.
Mixed Word: Grab Bag V
Name the answers from a 'mixed bag' of categories by unscrambling the words.
Countries in Shakespeare
Christopher Marlowe's ghost is probably very upset that we published this quiz.
Missing Team Blitz II
These teams are missing, but hopefully not forgotten.
Bechdel in Shakespeare, Part I
Pick the Shakespeare plays that pass the Bechdel test.
Greek Theatre - Tragedy Or Comedy?
Can you determine whether these works of Greek theatre are tragedies or comedies?
60 Second Blitz: Shakespeare's Plays
We'd like to see 60 second versions of these plays. Lots of fast talking.
Literature Subcategory 'E'
Can you answer a question for each Sporcle Literature Subcategory where every answer starts with 'E'?
Glee Songs (Season 2)
Just a primer to get yourself ready for season 3.
What Happened Next in Shakespeare's Plays?
Pick the event that came next in these Shakespeare plays.
Match Football Teams to Their Country
Name the country this team plays in.
Former Buffalo Sabres on 2018 Playoff Rosters
Name the Former Buffalo Sabres who are on 2018 Stanley Cup Playoff team rosters? (*See How to Play).
Play to Playwright 7-to-1
Can you match each dramatic work to the correct author?
10 to 1: Literature in 2017
Pick the members of each set of a different size.
Literary Characters: Family Roles
These family trees made their way onto the page.
Shakespeare Play: Any Word A-Z
Pick a word, any word.
MLB Opening Day Trivia
Baseball is back, quick buy some stock in peanut farms!
Hollywood Squares XXI
Pick the stars and the movies that each adjacent pair costarred in? (Click How to Play).
Hollywood Squares XI
Pick the stars and the movies that each adjacent pair costarred in? (Click How to Play).
Hollywood Squares VI
Pick the stars and the movies that each adjacent pair costarred in? (Click How to Play).
Shakespeare Venn Diagram
Can you click the most accurate section of the Venn diagram* for each Shakespeare play?
Tony Awards Multiple Choice
Can you choose the correct answer to these Tony Award mutliple choice questions?
Shakespearean Heroines
Get thee to a nunnery...and while you are there play some Sporcle.
Name the 45 Liverpool player to play under Jurgen Klopp
Can you name every LFC player to make an appearance under Jurgen Klopp?
Simpsons School Assemblies
Match the assembly at Springfield Elementary's Butthead Memorial Auditorium with its picture.
Mixed Word: Shakespeare Title Characters
Can you unscramble the names of the characters who appear in the titles of Shakespeare's plays?
Similar Plots: Plays and Musicals
Pick the play or musical that satisfies each major plot point.
How'd Ya Die: Shakespeare
Can you identify the characters based on how they died?
Shakespeare Crossword
Shakespeare's plays are the theme of this crossword.
NBA Active Points Per Game Leaders Every Year
Name the NBA career points per game leader for every season since 1953
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