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'B' in Shakespeare
If we're bringing back that B meme it might as well be Shakespeare.
Draw a Badge: The Bard
Cover the alphabet with the first noun in Shakespeare's plays titles to draw the 'The Bard' Badge
True or False Blitz: Shakespeare Plays
Guess wrong and you may feel stuck between a rock and a bard place.
Five for Five: Shakespeare Plays
Can you deduce which Shakespeare play answers each clue, bearing in mind that some plays could fit more than one clue, and there is only one correct combination of answers?
Shakespearean Headlines
Imagine if Shakespeare wrote all of our newspapers.
Click Me Five: Books
Can you click the five books that fit each clue?
Pixel Art Grid: Shakespeare
Can you answer the William Shakespeare-themed trivia on this pixel trivia grid?
NCAA Football: Perfect Decade (2010s)
Well, at least somebody had a good decade.
Trivia or Con XXIII: Entertainment
Can you choose whether each statement is true (trivia) or false (con)?
Drop That Letter: Gaming
Each gaming-related item below is missing a letter. Can you identify each missing letter in order to solve the puzzle? Please see 'How to Play' for further instructions
Know It: Literature III
Go and make your high school literature teacher proud.
Trivia Pyramid: Theatre
Imagine if every actor for the next ten years just wore a big cardboard pyramid.
Complete the Shakespeare Play... With a Picture
Normally plays are either live action or read, but we're sure you can find something.
Historical Figures Grid: William Shakespeare
Can you fill the grid by naming the facts about William Shakespeare?
Tony Best Play By Last Letter
Name the plays that won the Tony for Best Play by their last letters.
Missing Word: Great Performances
Can you fill in the missing word in these titles of specials shown in the PBS show Great Performances?
3 Word Play Titles
Can you discover the play titles, by clicking one field from each of the 3 columns?
Plays with Image Hints
You'll be given the name of playwright (or composer) and an image of something that is in the title of one of the playwright's plays. Can you provide the full play title?
Get the Picture: Austen or Shakespeare?
Can you choose whether each image is from a modernized adaptation of a novel by Jane Austen or a play by William Shakespeare?
2017-2018 Broadway Season
Name the shows of the 2017-2018 Broadway Season.
Plays: Oldest to Newest
Pick the Plays in chronological order they were written (Oldest to Newest).
Tony Award for Best Play Crossword
Can you fill the crossword with Tony Award Winner for Best Play?
Which Book Belongs?
Hey, let's not get exclusive with our books now.
Word Ladder: Mismatched Roommates
Name the 3-letter words in this word ladder about a play/movie/TV show comedy with many iterations throughout the years.
What Else Shall We Call You?
Match the character(s) to the play/novel, which is named after a description of said character(s) [rather than their given name(s)].
Hide Your 'B' Books
Locate all 18 books that start with the letter 'B', when given 3 clues, and 'hide' them away safely.
Get the Picture: Othello or The Tempest?
Can you decide whether these characters were in Othello or The Tempest?
Literary Words on Broadway!
Pick the literary word missing from each Broadway musical or song title.
Missing Word: Tennessee Williams Plays
Name the words missing from these Tennessee Williams plays.
Plays in Alphabetical Order
Name the classic plays with all the letters in 'alphabetical order'.
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