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Harry Potter: Magical Objects for Muggles
Pick the magical objects by the description of the muggle counterparts.
Word Ladder: Disney Plus Shakespeare
Name the 4-letter words in this ladder with a Disney movie and a play joined by a word.
Tennessee Williams plays
Name the Tennessee Williams plays.
Two Bs (...or Not Two Bs)
"Two Bs" is a lot different from "to BS".
Complete Play Title with Name
Pick the Complete Play Title with Name.
Missing Word Spiral: Books II
Can you fill in this crossword with overlapping parts of book titles?
You Hardly Heard me Speak - The Tempest
Name the Character in The Tempest with the least number of lines.
Letter Bag - Tony Best Musicals
Name the Tony winners for Best Musical that belong to each letter-based grab bag category below.
Literary Title Role Characters
You'd hope they'd be pretty memorable if their names are on the book covers.
TONY Best Play Matchup
Match the titles of the TONY Best Play award winners.
Shakespeare Play By Movie Adaptation Slideshow
Name the Shakespeare play when shown pictures of its movie adaptation(s).
60 Second SPORCLE Blitz: Shakespeare Title Words
We don't think it's possible to go through Shakespeare's plots in a single minute. Do try, though.
Mutual Missing Word: Songs And Plays
Pick the word missing from the title of each play and song.
Know It: Literature IV
This is really down to how much you paid attention in high school literature class.
Missing Word Spiral: Books
Can you fill in this crossword with overlapping parts of book titles?
Hollywood Squares II
You could call them Hollywood Rectangles, if you're so geometrically inclined.
Theater Terms
Pick the correct stage direction or theater term for each definition, while avoiding the decoys.
Shakespeare Plays: 'A' Words in Titles
Did the Bard have any plays about alligators or avalanches?
Trimmed Authors
It's all about the facial hair, right?
Literature Subcategory 'I'
Can you answer a question for each Sporcle Literature Subcategory where every answer starts with 'I'?
Pick The Greek Playwright
Can you choose the Pick The Greek Playwright who performed that play?
EGOT Winners by Awards
Pick the Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Award-winners by what they received their awards for.
'The Tempest' Characters (Clickable)
Pick the named characters in Shakespeare's 'The Tempest'.
Longest Answer: Shakespeare Comedies
The longest answer is generally not the most efficient one.
Broadway Definitions Without Words
If you're given a definition of a word, can you find that word in the missing title of a Broadway play below?
Shortest Shakespeare Plays
Pick the William Shakespeare plays with the fewest role lines and avoid those with the most.
Dickensian Headlines
Match the headline to the correct novel by Charles Dickens.
Shakespeare Memes
Can you determine which Shakespeare play was the origin for each meme?
Writer's Obscure Works
Pick the Writer's Obscure Works.
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