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Murdered by Shakespeare
Apparently, Shakespeare was a bloodthirsty killer.
Three Actors, One Role II
Three cheers for these iconic characters.
Mini Nurikabe Puzzle XI
Let's click some squares.
Tough Choices: Literature Edition
As if literature wasn't tough enough.
Mixed Word: Shakespeare Plays
Name the unscrambled titles of Shakespeare plays.
'The' Books Author Match-Up
This is the 'the' quiz you'll want to play today.
Literary Works by Mug
We aren't here to judge, but odds are good most of these mugs were filled with whisky.
Quotes from Books II
May this quiz be ever in your favor.
Roman Numeral Word Play
Those Romans really liked to mix things up.
Macho Literature
Do these books even lift, bro?
One-Word Shakespeare Plays
Shakespeare knew that short titles could still pack a punch.
Numbers in Pop Culture
Who knew there was so much math in pop culture?
3 Irish players to play in the Champions League final
Name the 3 Irish players to play in the Champions League final.
FIFA 15 Top 50 rated players
Name the Top 50 rated players from FIFA 15.
Literary Title Threesomes II
Literature has never seemed so saucy.
Glee Songs (Season 2)
Just a primer to get yourself ready for season 3.
Anything but Shakespeare's Plays
To Shakespeare, or not to Shakespeare? In this case, it's definitely NOT.
High School Protagonists
Only in Hollywood is it weird when actors play characters who are actually the same age as they are.
Word Ladder: Shakespeare Play II
Name the four-letter words in this Shakespearian ladder.
Quick Pick: Shakespeare or Not?
Pick the Shakespeare plays while avoiding the fakes.
Word Ladder: Horse Play
Name the 4-letter words in this themed word ladder.
TV Actor-Character Mix
Mix 'em up, mix-and-match, throw them in the mixer. It's a good old fashioned actor-character mix.
Missing Word: Jack of All Fictions
Name the television shows, movies, novels, stories, and plays in which there is a main character named Jack.
In Plain English: Shakespeare II
If we read Shakespeare like this in high school, then maybe we'd actually understand his jokes.
Missing Word: Shakespeare
Name the plays written by Shakespeare.
Shakespeare Venn Diagram
To venn, or not to venn; that's in the diagram.
Know It: Literature
There's a lot to know, but not a lot to type.
Reverse Alphabet: Literature
For an extra challenge, read the questions in reverse too.
Eponymous Shakespeare Plays
We bet they thought these plays were about them.
Devoted Actors
Oh sure, when these actors gain weight it's because they're devoted to their craft, but when we eat too much at Thanksgiving we're 'setting a bad example for the kids.'
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