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Literature Checkpoints
A checkpoint....a all moves the plot along.
What Happened Next in Shakespeare's Plays?
Pick the event that came next in these Shakespeare plays.
Theater Words in Book Titles
We tried to come up with a theater pun, but it would just be a play on words.
Letters Minefield: Shakespeare Plays
Happily ever after? Never heard of it.
Mini Nurikabe Puzzle XI
Let's click some squares.
3-D Literature
Dostoevsky has to be the Kyrgyzstan of literature.
Quick Pick: Shakespeare or Not?
Pick the Shakespeare plays while avoiding the fakes.
Missing Word: Colm Feore
Name the missing words in these films and plays Colm Feore has starred in.
Backyard Summer Games
When we were kids the only toys we had in the yard were sticks, and we LIKED it that way.
Literature Subcategory 'D'
Can you answer a question for each Sporcle Literature Subcategory where every answer starts with 'D'?
Shakespeare Crossword
Shakespeare's plays are the theme of this crossword.
Playwrights to Plays Shooting Gallery
Match the plays to the correct playwrights in this shooting gallery.
Tough Choices: Literature Edition
As if literature wasn't tough enough.
County Cricket: Where Do They Play?
Pick the correct location in England (and Wales) for each County Cricket team.
Find the Missing Flora in Books
Get a literary greenhouse started.
Categorize This: Literature
Shhh...There's no talking in the Sporcle library.
Which of the Two... Pieces of Literature
Hopefully you were paying attention in your high school Language Arts class.
Did He Play For Them?
Can you say if the following soccer players played for the following soccer clubs?
Glee Songs (Season 1)
Gleeks unite!
Tattoo my Body with ... Literature
Show me a man with a tattoo and I'll show you a man with an interesting past. - Jack London, 1883
In Plain English: Romeo and Juliet
Spoiler alert: Everybody dies.
Complete the Musical: Image Multiple Choice
How well do you know your musicals?
Disguised Definitions
These words are going under cover.
Literature Subcategory 'C'
Can you answer a question for each Sporcle Literature Subcategory where every answer starts with 'C'?
Are you a true ARMY?
Play this quiz to see whether you're a true army (or not)
Reverse Alphabet: Literature
For an extra challenge, read the questions in reverse too.
Shakespeare Fill-in-the-Blank
As the bard said, 'When words are scarce they are seldom spent in vain'
Shakespeare Plays by Character
As the bard once said - If you have tears, prepare to shed them now.
Swap a Word: Books
We'd read some of these.
Literary Cakes
Reading has never been so delicious.
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