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Pixar Movies: Then to Now
The first Pixar film was released in 1995. Back then, we thought office lamps were just boring pieces of furniture.
Can you name all 18 Pixar movies in 90 seconds?
Can you name all 18 Pixar movies in 90 seconds??
Movies at the Half-Hour Mark (Disney/Pixar)
This is usually when the movie is just starting to get good.
Toy Story Character Blitz
Pick the Toy Story characters.
Disney/Pixar Song Match
You will be singing these in your head the rest of the day...sorry about that.
Pixar Character Blitz
Pick the Pixar characters.
Disney Animals
We were going to include Stitch, but what the heck is that thing?
Quick Pick: Pixar Characters by Occupation
Can you quickly pick the Pixar characters by an occupation they have at some point had?
Pixar Movie Slideshow
Did you know, Pixar was helped along the way by both Lucasfilm and funding from Steve Jobs?
Disney/Pixar Logic Puzzle
Can you name characters in the Disney/Pixar Logic Puzzle?
Pixar Movies
Good luck spelling the one with the cooking rat!
Actors By Movie 7-to-1: 2002
Can you match each actor to the correct 2002 film from 2002 in which they appeared?
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz XIII
Another quiz for the panicky scatterbrain inside all of us.
Quick Pick: Movies without Humans
Pick the movies that have no human characters at all.
Voice Acting Picture Click II
That'll do Donkey, that'll do.
Pixar Movies With No Repeating Vowels
You won't find Nemo in this quiz.
Pixar Movie by Shirt
'Fish are friends, not food.'
Pixar Movies by Concept Art
A bunch of computer-animated talking toys? I bet that concept will never take off...
'The Pixar Theory' Chronological Timeline
Can you correctly place the Pixar films in chronological order, according to the 'Pixar Theory'?(explanation in how to play)
'I' Game
Name the things starting with 'I'.
Animated Movie Taglines
Animated movies are pretty cute, here's to hoping their taglines are even cuter.
Disney Songs
The hills are alive, with the Sound of....oh, wait, that's not a Disney movie....nevermind.
Pixar Conversations
Name the Pixar character each of these quotes are being directed at.
Pixar Venn Diagram
Can you click the most accurate section of the Venn diagram* for each Pixar Movie?
Pixar Movie by A113 Scene
Name the Pixar movies from their scene which references the classroom number, A113.
Animated Movie Title Match-Up
Cloudy with a Chance of Matching
Letters Minefield: Pixar Movies
'Just keep swimming' is great advice until you swim into the occasional mine.
'The Incredibles' Start to Finish
Can you choose the events of The Incredibles in order?
Word Ladder: Finding Nemo Quote
Name the words in this movie-themed word ladder.
Find the Pixar Movie in Order
Can you find the Pixar movies in Order of their release?
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