Pixar Quizzes

Voice Acting Picture Click II
That'll do Donkey, that'll do.
Unoriginal Movies
Quit copying me!
Minimalist Cartoons
Well that's one way to slash the budgets for all these shows and movies.
Quick Pick: 'The Incredibles' Characters
Pick the characters that appeared in 'The Incredibles'.
Which Animation Studio?
This is the most animated quiz we've seen all day.
Pixar Movies With No Repeating Vowels
You won't find Nemo in this quiz.
Pixar Movie by Shirt
'Fish are friends, not food.'
Disney Titles: Rephrased
'The Diminutive Fish/Human Hybrid' got a little weird towards the end but it's still a classic.
Movie Shoes
'So, I guess I'll just give you some money, and you can give me these shoes...'
Pixar Movies Through Google Translate
If you need answers. Look them UP!
Pixar References to Other Movies
No, that's not just deja vu.
Which Sporcle Quiz? (Slideshow)
A quiz about Sporcle quizzes!? We just need the 'Inception' music to play and life will be complete.
Pick the Middle One: Pixar Movies
Pick the chronologically middle Pixar movie when given one movie before and one after.
Figure Out the Disney Lyrics XVI
Guaranteed to be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.
Pixar Movies by Concept Art
A bunch of computer-animated talking toys? I bet that concept will never take off...
Double Letter Movies
Us letters need to stick together.
Tough Disney Film Quotes
'Tough' isn't the first word that comes to mind when thinking about Disney.
Pixar Movie by A113 Scene
Like Stan Lee in a Marvel movie, it's always there somewhere.
Animated Movie Title Match-Up
Cloudy with a Chance of Matching
Superhero Rainbow
Even better than a double rainbow.
Taciturn Disney Characters
They may be silent, but it's always easy to tell what they're thinking.
Animated Movies by Balloon
Seeing the balloon is pretty much the same thing as seeing the movie.
Animated Movie Taglines II
We hope these taglines are as 'animated' as the movies they're for.
Pixar Movies - Bechdel Test
Pick the eight Pixar movies that pass the Bechdel test? See 'How to Play' for description of Bechdel Test..
Great Job, Disney
Let's be honest, bad Disney movies are still pretty great.
Pixar in Foreign Languages
Oesday Igpay Atinlay ountcay asway away oreignfay anguagelay?
AKA Disney: Working Titles
Can you keep a secret?
Click the Pixar Film by Ratzenberger Role
What'll it be this time, fellas?
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