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Disney Movie by Villain
Disney is almost as good at making villains as they are heroes.
'Toy Story' Start to Finish
"Where's my ear? Who's seen my ear? Did you see my ear?"
Pixar Movies: Then to Now
The first Pixar film was released in 1995. Back then, we thought office lamps were just boring pieces of furniture.
Disney Settings
It always seems like you could spend a little more time in these Disney-fied locations.
Pixar Movies
Good luck spelling the one with the cooking rat!
Disney Songs
The hills are alive, with the Sound of....oh, wait, that's not a Disney movie....nevermind.
Letters Minefield: Pixar Movies
'Just keep swimming' is great advice until you swim into the occasional mine.
5-Star Animated Movies
Since these are animated movies, the stars could very well be characters themselves.
Disney Animal Match
We still can't get over how Goofy and Pluto are both dogs.
Disney Without Humans
We'll be really impressed when Disney puts out a movie that wasn't even MADE by humans.
Disney Twosomes
It's easier to animate in pairs.
Pixar Bunker
Since you've probably seen all these movies multiple times, this should be easy, right?
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz XIII
Another quiz for the panicky scatterbrain inside all of us.
Disney Animals
We were going to include Stitch, but what the heck is that thing?
Animation Studio Sorting Blitz
Discussions between friends about which of these studios has put out the best films can become rather animated.
Figure Out the Disney Lyrics XVI
Guaranteed to be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.
'Finding Nemo' Start to Finish
Can you choose the events of Finding Nemo in order?
'Monsters, Inc.' Start to Finish
Can you choose the events of Monsters, Inc. in order?
'Ratatouille' Start to Finish
Can you choose the events of Ratatouille in order?
Disney/Pixar Song Match
You will be singing these in your head the rest of the day...sorry about that.
Disney/Pixar Siblings
'Do you wanna take a Sporcle quiz? Come on, let's go and play!'
Walt Disney Pictures Presents...
We hate to disappoint you, but 'presents' is a verb in this title, not a noun. Just 9 months until Christmas though!
Disney Movie Object Match
For a quiz about Disney, you'd think there'd be some mouse ears.
Word Ladder: Pixar
Name the four-letter answers to this Pixar-themed word ladder.
Movies Speed-Picking
It's the Sporcle equivalent to fast-forwarding.
Disney Singers
When You Wish Upon a Star, you can Be Our Guest but only with the Bare Necessities.
Disney/Pixar Villain Match
We've never seen a more wretched hive of clicks and villainy.
Mothers in Disney Movies
Even on the big screen, mother knows best.
'Toy Story 2' Start to Finish
Can you choose the events of Toy Story 2 in order?
Animated Movie Taglines
Animated movies are pretty cute, here's to hoping their taglines are even cuter.
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