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YA First Lines
Match these YA books to their first lines.
Name the characters from the movie Percy jakson and the Olympians.
Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus Demigods
Name the Demigods who appear in Rick Riordan's Popular Books.
Percy Jackson Trivia
Name the Percy Jackson Trivia.
Percy Jackson in Other Languages
Match the different translations of the same Percy Jackson book.
Greek mythology 104 questions
Can you answer 104 greek mythology questions?
Quick Pick: 10-1 Young Adult
Pick the number of books in each series in descending order from 10 to 1.
► Missing Word: Percy Jackson Chapters (A-Z)
Can you provide the missing words from each of these Percy Jackson chapter titles?
Missing Word: Percy Jackson (A-Z)
Can you provide the missing words for each of these Percy Jackson-related things?
Percy Jackson
Pick the Percy Jackson.
Rick Riordan Series Pick
Can you choose the which of the four Rick Riordan series contains each of these books?
Missing Word Spiral: Books
Can you fill in this crossword with overlapping parts of book titles?
Cabins in Percy Jackson
In the Percy Jackson series, the Greek Gods and Goddess have their own cabins. Can you identify what cabin goes to which Greek God or Goddess?
Almost impossible Percy Jackson and Greek Gods Quiz
Name the Huge Percy Jackson and Greek Gods Quiz.
Percy Jackson Characters
Name the Percy Jackson Characters.
Heroes of Olympus Logic Puzzle
Can you find the Heroes of Olympus Logic Puzzle?
Percy Jackson: Demi-Gods
Name the Percy Jackson: Demi-Gods.
Young Adult Series Protagonists: At the Beginning
Pick the protagonists of these young adult series' by a summary of their circumstances near the start of the first book.
Percy Jackson Quiz
Name the answers to the Percy Jackson Quiz.
Percy Jackson Characters
Name the Characters From Percy Jackson.
Percy Jackson and the Greek Language
Match these Percy Jackson characters to their names in Greek.
5 to 1: Percy Jackson
Pick the Percy Jackson things belonging to the 5 categories.
Percy Jackson Characters
Name the main characters of Percy Jackson and the Olympians(may contain SPOILERS).
Teen Heroines Match-Up
Can match the Teen Heroine with her female friend; movie, book or TV show she is from; and location her story (mainly) takes place?
Heroes of Olympus: Giant/God Match
Match the giant to the god he was born to destroy in Heroes of Olympus.
Percy Jackson: Known Half-Bloods Matchup
Pick the Percy Jackson: Known Half-Bloods Matchup.
Greek mythology
Name the Greek gods and goddesses.
Literature by Definition: Rick Riordan
Pick the following words from the titles of Rick Riordan's works by their definitions.
Harry Potter vs Percy Jackson
Name the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson characters.
Quick Pick: Rick Riordan Series by First Book
Can you choose the correct Rick Riordan series given the first book?
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